Sunday, December 6, 2015

OKGOP State Committee Debates Gun Free Zones

By Kenny Bob Tapp - 
  I am very proud of my brother, Daniel Watts and Logan Co. GOP Chair Ric Moore for standing up for the individual inalienable right to self defense at yesterday's Oklahoma Republican Party State Committee meeting. Wish I could have been there to support their stellar efforts!
  I Was very disappointed to hear that 1/4 of the Republican State Committee members at the end of the meeting opposed the 2nd Amendment. Republicans, especially Oklahoma Republicans should have unanimously supported such a vote.

  Below is an observation from one Oklahoma Republican who was in attendance:
Daniel Watts
Today our State Committee Meeting was held in a "gun-free zone" at a high school in Edmond. I want to give a huge shout out to Daniel Watts and Ric Moore. Daniel brought a rule to the floor that State Committee Meetings should be held in gun friendly places and Ric Moore (Chairman of Logan Co. GOP) made the second for that. Well, after the meeting had been going on for an outrageous amount of time without anything really getting accomplished, Daniel FINALLY got to bring this to the floor. 
Ric Moore
  It was pretty clear that Daniel was not being recognized intentionally, but he was patient. It was surprising how many people objected to it based on the excuse that it would be hard to find places that would allow guns and that would add more expense. One argument was that since there was not a metal detector who would even know? Ric brought up the fact that it was a felony to carry in a gun free zone... and he spoke for a few minutes about how they do things in Logan County and he just rocked it... another guy who I had never seen stood up and opposed it based on it really not being that big of a deal and it was hard to find gun friendly places and it would be too expensive. Another guy said he was tired of all the rules and he didn't want another rule that said we had to meet in gun friendly places (I KNOW... SHOCK RIGHT?) 
  One guy stood up and said why don't we use National Guard Armories or fairgrounds where gun shows are held, then a guy named Tom Lane from Noble County, I had never met him before, I don't know if he was a DA or something similar to that, stood up and made a couple comments, then said "Do you all believe in the second amendment or not?" 
Chairman Pam Pollard
  Pam seemed rather flustered about the entire thing, after saying that it was too hard to find a gun friendly place, then she ended up saying no one supported the 2 amendment more than she did. Finally she said we could vote but it would not be binding, that there was not a quorum (I was told after we did have a quorum). Approximately 3/4 of what was left of the people that were still there voted to have our meetings in gun-friendly places and the other 1/4 OPPOSED it. 
KennyBob Tapp
  I am probably leaving a lot of the details out, so I am hoping that everyone that was there will pitch in with what they saw and heard as well. Some folks are probably still traveling home. It was such a long drawn out meeting. They did not even get to the precinct training part, which was why the meeting was apparently held.
Journalist, Alex Allen also covered the event and added his analysis, here:

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