Friday, December 18, 2015

Sooner Politics Expands to Television & Radio

The SoonerPolitics channel, on Roku

Oklahoma Political News & Events on your television - on demand

  The printed word only gives us a portion of the whole story. Oklahoma's conservatives are producing telecasts, Radio shows, And coverage of major political events all over the Sooner State. These journalistic endeavors are best presented in multimedia devices. So we turned to Roku as an open-source set top device which turns any TV into a limitless 'cable network' of sorts.

  We are approaching the 2 year anniversary of the syndication services. During this short history we have seen immense growth due to the overwhelming desire of Oklahoma's conservatives to stay better informed and help inform their fellow activists. What started as a small group discussion with a couple bloggers, has turned into an army of over 100 citizen-journalists, including over 3 dozen lawmakers. We expanded from one simple webpage of aggregate feeds from Oklahoma blogs, to a 5-section online 'newspaper'.
  Last winter we started and devoted it exclusively to our state's legislators, so they can keep constituents and advocates better informed of their efforts in lawmaking and reforms.
 Roku owners can add the channel to their customized device by entering
in the "add private channel"  options.
  This week we are launching a beta test phase of our private Roku channel. Participants can add the channel to their customized device by entering "soonerpolitics" in the "add private channel"  options.
  If you don't own a Roku, We would encourage you to consider this modestly-priced tool.
 There is no monthly fee or subscription needed. Devices start at less than $50. You will need a broadband internet connection to utilize the device fully.

We Want Your Group Included

  Sooner Politics is greatly desiring more content providers. If you or your group produces a podcast, webcast, taped series, or event coverage, we are very interested in providing you a place in the program lineup.  If you are an aspiring citizen journalist who wants your reporting to be seen by the broader Oklahoma base of conservatives, We want to work with you.
  If you are a commercial media interest who wants to introduce your local show to a statewide audience, we would love to list your archive of past shows so more listeners become fans and eventually tune in to your live broadcasts from your station.

Viewer Feedback Needed

  We want to hear how to make this channel better. Please post your comments below, and we will find a way to incorporate them, as we are able.
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