Friday, December 11, 2015

Sorting through the choices for Tulsa's next Sheriff

  So many names and details are floating around media circles. We decided to create a little "cheat-sheet" chart to help citizens sort out the many candidates being talked about.  We welcome reader feedback on this project. It needs to be a collaborative effort. 
 We utilized the research of Lori Fullbright and Corey Jones and look for other pertinent records and data.
  The filing period was earlier this week and no more candidates are allowed to file, per state statute.
 Candidates may now challenge the legitimacy of their opponents filing and fitness, under the law. So far Jason Jackson is seeking to thin the crowd by challenging 3 foes. Other concerns have also been discussed in various media postings.

Candidates for sheriff
Candidates who have been declared for this election
Party Affiliation Disputed Law Enforcement Status Agency
Rex Berry, 65,  served 26 years before retiring in 1999. Democrat Retired  for 16 years Tulsa PD
John Fitzpatrick, 59,10-year reserve officer for the Tulsa Police Department. He is a longtime private-sector executive.  Republican filed dispute by Jason Jackson, alleging CLEET certification does not meet required statutes Current Reserve officer Tulsa PD
Tom Helm, 43,  retired 20-year veteran of the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office (supervision of narcotics, Internal Affairs). He is an agent for the Oklahoma Attorney General's Office. Republican Current state agent AG's office
Brandon Hendrix, 42, Tulsa County Sheriff's Office deputy, hired in 2002.  School resource officer. Republican Current deputy TCSO
Arthur Jackson, 73,, is a Tulsa County Sheriff's Office (detention officer)  Independent filed by Jason Jackson, alleging no current CLEET certification Current deputy TCSO
Jason Jackson, 42, Jenks Police Department 18 years Republican Current officer Jenks PD
Henry Jones, 62, . Democrat filed by Jason Jackson, alleging no current CLEET certification  (unknown) (unknown)
Dan Miller, 50,  Tulsa Police Department  20 years Republican Current officer Tulsa PD
Randy Pierce, Tulsa County Sheriff's Office 22 years did not file for office Current Deputy TCSO
Vic Regalado, 44, Tulsa Police Department 21 years Republican Current officer Tulsa PD
Bill Reaves, Tulsa County sheriff's office, 17 years, fired in 1990. did not file for office Retired Deputy TCSO
Jim Rice, Former Oologah Police Chief did not file for office required voter registration disputed by media reports Retired Oologah PD
Erich Richter, 46, Tulsa County Sheriff's Office, 2 years Republican required voter registration disputed by media reports (unknown) TCSO
Luke Sherman, 46, Tulsa Police Department  23 years Republican Current Officer Tulsa PD

  The primary elections will take place in March, followed by a general election in April. There is no runoff allowed in a special election, so a mere plurality of the ballots will determine the Party nominees in the general election.
   Henry Lee Jones' conviction in 2010 was not a part of the challenge from Jason Jackson, because it was a misdemeanor plea. He was reported to have threatened to shoot a court clerk.

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