Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Oklahomans Chosen To Join Iowa Campaigns

The Ted Cruz Campaign is mobilizing a massive army of dedicated campaign workers from around the nation for a strategic strike force, in Iowa.
  The key political showdown state will hold its presidential caucus on February 1st, and Ted Cruz has a Camp set up for hundreds of energetic and proficient campaign workers to use as a home base.
  Campaign officials secured the empty college dorms of AIB Business College (which will soon be the University of Iowa's Des Moines Campus). The facility will hold hundreds of campaigners who spend multiple days on the stump for Ted Cruz.

 We talked to some Oklahoma campaigners who will be reporting to the base in a few days. They plan to post up reports of their activities and experiences.
   In 2012, Several ORU College Republicans worked during their holiday break, on the Bachmann Iowa campaign. Bachmann, a fellow ORU alum, did not advance past the Iowa caucus.
  The Duggar family (from just across the Arkansas border)  was a big part of the Santorum 2012 Iowa effort. Santorum went on to win the Iowa contest and 10 other states.
  Susan Landers and some of her fellow Tulsans worked for Ron Paul's 2012 efforts in numerous states.

[more to come...]

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