Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Trump's Triad Embarrassment

When A Lack Of Washington Jargon Competency Becomes Apparent. 

  Donald Trump was discovered to be ignorant in Washington-speak, last night at the Republican Presidential Debate.
  Hugh Hewitt asked him of his commitment to the "Triad" of our nuclear defence. After Hugh followed up, Trump's 2nd reply was obviously showing his ignorance.Then Marco Rubio "explained for those at home", what the Triad is. He went on to mention the 3-part strategy of missile silos, bomber jets, and submarines.
  But should we be surprised? Donald is an outsider and proud of it. A big part of his support comes from the fact that he's not heavily invested in the world of the beltway.
  Will Rogers famously said that "all of us are ignorant, but just on different subjects".

  My advice to Trump is to walk right through this matter and make it a "badge of honor".
But that would take humility, and Donald seems equally ignorant on that subject.
  Some would say that it is karma and fitting that the biggest ego in the race got 'served' by one of the milder voices on the stage. I can't argue with that.

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