Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Turncoat Of Tax Promises

Governor Fallin was called into the House chamber to help beg Democrats for votes.

Mary Fallin grovels in the House Chamber

  Earlier this evening, the House leadership did a "full court press for Republicans who will break their pledge to taxpayers.

  The roll was open for a final vote to pass HB3210; a massive tax on tobacco. What normally takes 5-10 minutes for a roll call vote, was left open for well over 2 hours, as lawmakers were promised, threatened, glared at, and groveled to.

  The tally was close for a few minutes, at 49-50 (2 members were absent from the 101 member chamber).

  But when the whips finally gave up, they watched as 9 members quickly dodged the wire to switch back to a "No" vote before we could see who the weak ones were. the official; vote registered at 40-59.

  The Liberal Republican, Dr. Doug Cox, called for a motion to reconsider, so this bill will be brought up again, when the Speaker & his team have twisted sufficient arms to get what they want.

   The House was then punished with a call for a 10pm session, at which time they showed up only to be told the house will reconvene in the morning.

  Expect anything to happen. They will watch for who's sick, late to lunch, or otherwise distracted. Even if they pass the bill with a 43-42 margin, they will take that opportunity.

Ted King, of Ted King News; reports:
There she is.
The 2010 signatory of the
Americans for Tax Reform
"I will not raise taxes!"pledge
on the floor of the State House
trying to get legislators to
pass a cigarette tax.
Mary Falling.

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