Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Endorsement: Engle & McLarty For GOP National Committee

McLarty, atthe 2012 RNC Platform Committee meetings
  SoonerPolitics is resolved to support the candidacies of Richard Engle & Carolyn McLarty, as our Oklahoma representatives to the Republican National Committee. 
  Both of them embody long legacies of dedicated Republicans, conservative advocacy, and reliable service. They step up to whatever task needs to be done and they advocate our vision with clarity and, if need be, tenacity
PictureEngle Welcomes the Delaware County Sheriff into the Republican party
  Richard has traversed the state in the relaunching of "Red To The Roots", seeking to impact local politics with a greater Republican presence. 

Engle reaches out to every group and concern in our multi-faceted party. Seeks common ground wherever he can, but more importantly, he listens. And he loves people.
  Carolyn McLarty has proven herself as a strong advocate for Oklahoma's heart-felt issues of concern. She rose to the position of Subcommittee chair in the National Platform Committee. There she stood firm on the values Oklahoma Republicans are committed to. As a lifelong Oklahoman and a veterinary Doctor, McLarty has earned the trust of entire communities. She has certainly earned another term in office.

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