Sunday, May 15, 2016

Cruz Delegates Plan To Turn Party To The Right

  The Cruz Army who will descend upon Cleveland, Ohio, this summer; will set their goals on turning the GOP sharply to the right through some strategic efforts and simple changes.

  New Hampshire & South Carolina will not have such a massive impact unless they voluntarily switch their voting policies to keep Democrats and Independents from choosing the Republicans' nominee.

  This practice has often led to a boost for less conservative candidates.

​The Politico goes into greater detail on the Cruz initiative:
Ted Cruz has given up on running as the Republican Party’s presidential nominee, but he hasn’t given up on running the Republican Party.
When Cruz heads to the Republican National Convention this summer, he’ll bring a list of ideas for changing the way the party governs itself and picks its presidential nominee. He’ll also bring plenty of backup: hundreds of delegates who were handpicked by the Cruz campaign. The delegates were assembled as part of Cruz’s now aborted bid to capture the GOP nomination in Cleveland, but now they’ll be key allies on the rules committees and other panels that will set the party’s ground rules for the next four years.
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Cruz is eyeing another presidential run in 202
0, but it’s about more than that. Along with setting the rules of the GOP primary, the party will also hash out its official policy platform — and even determine how much power the Republican National Committee has to make new rules of its own.

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