Friday, May 20, 2016

House Takes The Weekend Off


With No Budget Or Solution To Maintain Spending, the House moved to reconvene Monday morning. This means the state must budget based upon current revenue and what few new revenues(tax increases) they have already passed, or call a special session to make adjustments.

  The House convened this morning after a very late end to yesterday's business, when they cut the Earned Income Credit for Lower Income parents. Today's business had little to do with any cost-savings legislation.

  The Senate meets for a Friday afternoon session after a short morning ritual in their chamber.

  While the 'rank & file' lawmakers may get some time at the lake this weekend, legislative leaders will likely be busy negotiating, plotting, and making deals they hope never gets made public.

  The stakes are extremely high. Not only are lawmakers pressured by state agencies, but also by citizens who rely upon them. 

  The potential for a complete shutdown now becomes very real, and the costs of a special session just adds to the financial pressures.

  The new fiscal year starts July 1st, and the appropriations & Budget must take place to aviod a state government shutdown.
If you want to reach your lawmaker this weekend, check the lake.

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