Monday, May 16, 2016

Opinion: Oklahoma Considers Going Blue, This Week

  Early this session, Governor Fallin publicly violated her "No Tax Increase" pledge. This week the legislature intends to follow suit.

  For the past decade, Oklahoma has resisted federal mandates in everything from ObamaCare, Federal Drivers Licenses, and tracking license plates.

  The same Republican majority who ran for office and conservatives (low taxes, small government, constitutional liberty & privacy), are now following the blueprint of Detroit, Illinois, and California. We want the Texas economy, but seem to be using an Ohio blueprint to get it.

  The perks we spent money on last year (Indian & Pop Culture museums) are monuments of our frivolous and undisciplined ways. Several budget hawks in the legislature warned us of the impending budget crisis last May, but there were not enough statesmen willing to keep spending at a sustainable level.
  Now we are listening to the same Chamber-crats who sold us the museums, and they want us to enslave ourselves to a federal bowl of Obamacare porridge. the very porridge which will make our government spending even less sustainable in years to come.
  What is our way out?
  1. Spend only what we have and only for constitutional functions of state government. And quit listening to those who compare our budgets to other states.
  2. Keep faith with the voters who sent you to represent them. If you can't, then resign and run for office under the new "blue" you. But quit calling yourself a conservative.
  3. Pledge to save back money for the next rainy day, instead of calling every year a crisis.

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