Monday, May 16, 2016

Legislature Taxing Emergencies & Double-Taxing Services

This week, the Oklahoma legislature is going to sneak several new taxes into existence. They will add massive new levels to current tax rates. They will make your next crisis cost you so much more.
  Rep Jason Murphey discloses in his latest blog that the House leadership is set to push through a new tax on many services. Things like that roadside tow when you slid off the road; perhaps because you were taking a sick child to see a doctor on an icy day? Oh yeah, the physician's services may also be taxed.

  All of these service providers already pay hefty income taxes on the business they operate. But the service providers are being singled out for a double tax on their work.

  When your parent's home air conditioner breaks during the next August heat wave, it may be more expensive to get them life-saving relief. Not because the serviceman is greedy, but because unionized educators want the legislators to find someone else to pay their next massive pay raise.

  This will make your crisis even more painful. Accessing relief from a medical crisis or roadside emergency may become beyond the reach of many Oklahomans.
This man's towing service may soon have to cost Oklahomans a lot more money; making his industry a lot less affordable, in Oklahoma.
  The legislature has turned about-face in their former strategy to grow our economy and expand prosperity through a lowering of taxes to stay competitive with Texas and Kansas; both of whom eliminated all income taxes and are seeing better days than Oklahoma.

  For more details on the latest plots to raise taxes, read Rep. Jason Murphey's blog: The Immorality Of New Taxes

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