Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The OKGOP Platform Debate


  There is a significant amount of debate about the OKGOP changing their platform from 25 pages, to a page & a half.

On Wednesday night State Chairman Pam Pollard hosted a conference call for those who had question about the process of producing the 2016 state platform committee report, and how the convention will conduct business regarding the platform and other issues.

​  The Convention Platform Committee was comprised in large part by Republicans from the OKC metro area. Only 21 people were present at the meeting. this committee is usually about 3 times as large. 

  Pollard is to be commended for accommodating this conference and we do expect there to be a number of people proposing a host of actions.

Here are the options being discussed:
  1. Adopt the new document as submitted by the Convention Platform Committee.
  2. Hear a Minority Report from a portion of the Platform Committee who will recommend a different platform, or propose convening a new platform committee, which would present a platform to the State Committee at a later date. If the Minority Report is not adopted, there will be parliamentary action on the Platform Committee Report.
  3. The proposed platform could then be subject to many amendments, attempts to table or a final vote to approve. If the platform is not adopted by the delegates,
  4. We will agree to leave the Current (2015) Platform in place as our most recent statement, until we start the whole process all over again next Winter..
Here is the current platform, adopted in April of 2015:

  Adopted by the 2015 State Convention

REPUBLICAN PRINCIPLES: We believe in limited government, individual liberty, natural rights, and personal moral responsibility. We believe Oklahoma should be a place of opportunity where people who work hard and abide by just and equally applied laws can pursue their own dreams with a reasonable expectation of success. As Republicans we believe:
  •  Our rights of life, liberty, and property are natural rights granted to us by God, protected by the Constitution, to be defended by our elected officials.
  • That we are to function as a Constitutional Republic with undefined state power as described in the Constitution, where Oklahoma Sovereignty is considered constitutionally superior to a Federal government that has limited and defined power and our State Sovereignty must be protected by State elected officials. 
  • In the right to worship as we please without government intrusion or interference. 
  • God is the Author and Creator of life and that all human life, both born and unborn, should be protected. 
  • Traditional marriage consists of one man and one woman. 
  • Economic freedom is the cornerstone of individual liberty and the private sector and free market principles are the best to stimulate economic development rather than government subsidies or programs. 
  • Revenues collected at all levels of government should be used only for well-defined, legitimate government functions, and should be carried out efficiently so that tax rates may be kept as low as possible. 
  • It is the right of every parent to act in their children’s best interest including health decisions and choosing the form of their education, whether at a public school, private school, or homeschool. 
  • We welcome immigrants who want to legally seek freedom and opportunity, who want to work and who will embrace our values, learn the English language and respect our Union’s border and State’s sovereignty. 
  • In Supporting and maintaining a strong national defense and advocate “Peace through Strength.” 
  • We believe the Republican Party is the best vehicle for translating these ideals into positive and successful principles of government.
 Preamble: Traditional marriage, consisting of one man and one woman, is designed to provide for each family member’s physical, emotional, financial, spiritual, and social well-being. Both parents are needed to support and encourage happiness, health, and a good education for their children; thus creating the next generation of citizens who are constructive members of society. We believe God is the Author and Creator of human life and that each individual should be treated with dignity and compassion. We insist that any candidate receiving money and/or support from the Republican Party shall affirm and promote Traditional Marriage and Pro-Life values. 
A. Marriage, Children, and Adoption 
  1. We believe that marriage between one man and one woman is a covenant relationship, instituted by God, and is fundamental to our very existence and survival as a nation. Because we oppose efforts to redefine marriage, we strongly support a U.S. Constitutional amendment defining marriage as between one man and one woman. 
  2. We believe that the family is the cohesive element that maintains social order and protects individual rights. The duty and privilege of nurturing our young people belongs to parents and the traditional family. We support the sole right and responsibility of parents to rear, educate, discipline, nurture, provide healthcare and spiritually train their children without government interference. 
  3. We support tax policies, enactment of legislation, and public assistance policies that encourage a commitment to traditional marriage and to strengthening families. 
  4. Employers and taxpayers should not be forced to violate their religious convictions or bear the cost of paying government benefits to “non-traditional” marriages. 
  5. Children are a special gift from God, and their safety and protection are paramount. We support strict adherence to due process of law during child abuse investigations. We oppose the removal of children from responsible family members unless abuse allegations are confirmed or the child is in immediate danger. 
  6. We believe extended traditional family members should be eligible for foster care payments if a child is being placed into their foster care. These payments should be obtained from the negligent parent(s). 
  7. We support holding the Department of Human Services and other State agents accountable and provide for civil and criminal penalties when agents are negligent or abuse their authority. 
  8. We encourage an adoption process that recognizes the rights of parents while maintaining safeguards for the children. Except for adoption by a qualified relative (as defined by existing law), we support adoption by married heterosexual couples and the removal of unnecessary barriers to adoption. 
B. Right-to-Life and Medical Ethics 
  1. We believe that at the point of conception, a person is granted the rights guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution.  We believe in the sanctity and value of human life from conception through natural death, unless forfeited by capital offense. We oppose abortion (including the use of RU-486 or other abortion inducing drugs), partial-birth abortion, infanticide, euthanasia, mercy killings, embryonic stem cell research, cloning and distribution of cloned parts. We oppose the funding of such by any government entity, domestic or international, or any organization that supports abortion. We believe that human embryos created by invitro-fertilization (IVF) are fully human and if not wanted by the genetic parents, should be preserved until adoption. We support a Constitutional Amendment protecting innocent human life of the unborn. 
  2. We support the right of obstetrical and gynecology residency programs to refuse to provide abortion training and the individual’s right to refuse to perform or assist in elective abortions. We also support the right of hospitals, medical professionals, and pharmacists to refuse to participate in abortions or dispense abortion-inducing drugs. 
  3. We recognize that learning of an unexpected pregnancy is a life-changing moment. Therefore, we desire that a mother-to-be have sufficient time to explore all options regarding this new life. We recommend at least a 14-day waiting period for a woman considering an abortion. We also strongly support and recommend that she be provided with: 
    1. Time-informed consent. 
    2. Information identifying the developmental status of the unborn child. 
    3. At least one ultra sound. 
    4. Evidence indicating that the unborn child can feel sensations of pain. 
    5. Information regarding the psychological and medical risks associated with abortion, including the link between breast cancer and abortion. 
    6. Information on services available to mothers who choose to carry their children to birth. 
  4. We support initiatives that provide alternatives to abortion that respect life, including adoption. 
  5. As long as the unsafe practice of abortion continues, we insist that abortion clinics be required to comply with the same medical and safety standards required of hospitals. 
  6. As long as abortion is available, we support enactment of legislation to require parental notification and authorization at least 14 days prior to an abortion on a minor. 
  7. We believe in and support the father’s parental rights and responsibilities from conception onward; the rights and responsibilities of the father are equal to the rights and responsibilities of the mother. 
  8. We support the teaching of abstinence outside of marriage and parental notification before a minor is given birth control information and/or contraceptives. 
  9. We support legislation that prohibits using any unborn child for the purpose of harvesting and/or any service related to the donation or purchase or sale of organs and/or tissue. 
  10. We support the enactment of laws banning embryonic/fetal stem cell research and encourage adult stem cell, amniotic stem cell, and/or umbilical cord blood stem cell research. 
  11. We oppose any medical scientific experimentation that does not respect the sanctity of human life. 
  12. We oppose the manufacture of human life through the process of cloning. 
  13. No person shall have nourishment and/or water withheld, unless that individual has signed a written legal directive. Hospitals and healthcare professionals shall not be required to violate their conscience by participating in end-of-life procedures. 
C. Healthcare  
  1. We support the patient (family)-doctor relationship and oppose nationalized medicine. 
  2. We oppose any legislation including international treaties, restricting the manufacture, distribution, sale, or possession of nutritional substances other than those necessary for manufacturing, sanitation, and full and accurate listing of all ingredients and tamper proofing. 
  3. We support full consumer access to safe, foods, medications and alternative treatments including access to any and all information regarding such substances. 
  4. We believe parents should receive complete information and must give informed consent prior to their child, or themselves, receiving any immunizations and may refuse any such vaccination(s) for medical, religious, or other reasons of conscience without retribution. 
  5. We support privatization of the Social Security Disability, Medicare, and Medicaid programs and allowing individuals, private groups, and small businesses, the freedom to form collective purchasing groups for the purpose of acquiring the healthcare of their choice. 
  6. We support the development of a truly market-driven, health care delivery system that replaces the employer and governmental third party payment systems. We support an individual’s right to elect not to have health insurance. 
  7. We oppose mandatory data collection including but not limited to, the harvesting of DNA of newborns or other individuals, brain scans, or genetic tests except in the case of criminal proceedings. 
  8. We support Medical Savings Accounts (MSA) and Health Savings Accounts (HAS) that also allow the individual freedom of choice in services both traditional and alternative. These accounts should be made available to Medicare participants. 
D. Elderly and Vulnerable 
  1. We support the protection of those who cannot defend themselves including the unborn, the disabled, and the elderly. 
  2. We support vigorous prosecution of those who financially exploit or otherwise abuse the elderly and/ or vulnerable. 
  3. To encourage family members to care for their loved ones, we support tax policies that help alleviate costs. 
  4. We support financial policies that do not penalize the elderly who choose to marry or remarry. 
  5. We support strict standards, which preserve the dignity of the elderly and vulnerable when in a retirement or nursing home. 
E. Religious Freedom 
  1. Our Founding Fathers based our Constitution, Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, and laws on the Bible and on traditional Judeo-Christian ethics and values. We believe these documents are the basis for law, order, and behavior, allowing individuals, including government workers and officials, the freedom to involve God in all activities according to their conscience. 
  2. The religion clause of the First Amendment was meant to protect individual’s freedom of religion, not remove religion from public life. 
  3. Church leaders have the same freedom of speech rights as leaders of other organizations, without the threat of penalties, including the loss of tax-exempt status.
  4. We oppose any government oversight, harassment, licensing, or taxation of religious institutions, chaplains and their ministries, such as counseling, wedding ceremonies, funerals, or other liturgical practices. 
  5. We support retaining the religious significance of national holidays and the display of religious symbols in public places and oppose the removal of such. 
  6. We strongly support federal and state legislation to encourage and preserve inscriptions in or on public buildings, and on our currency that have references to God such as “In God We Trust”. 
  7. We strongly support retaining the phrase “One Nation Under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance. 
  8. We oppose all efforts that violate religious liberty and freedom of conscience by mandating that employers and individuals buy coverage for sterilization and contraceptives, including drugs that induce abortion. 
F. General 
  1. We oppose the promotion of homosexuality, the elimination of laws against sodomy, and the granting of minority protection or special status to any person based upon sexual preference or lifestyle choices. 
  2. We support restricting welfare benefits to only legal citizens of the United States. 
  3. We support drug testing for any person applying for or receiving any type of government aid. 
  4. We support programs including faith-based organizations that promote traditional marriage, marriage enrichment, abstinence education, and encourage responsible parenting. 
  5. We call for individuals, families, churches, and private organizations to take responsibility in meeting the needs of the citizens of the community. 
  6. We encourage rigorous enforcement of all anti-pornography laws. 
  7. We affirm the right of private associations to admit or deny membership based on that association’s convictions. 
Preamble: We acknowledge our dependence upon Almighty God and ask His blessings upon our students and their parents, teachers, and nation. It is the right and responsibility of parents (hereafter to mean parents and/ or legal guardians) to direct their children’s upbringing and education whether public, private, charter, or home school without interference, regulation, or penalty from the government. The primary goal of public schools should be to teach proficiency in the basic subjects of phonics-based reading, written and oral communication, mathematics, sciences, history, founding documents, Godly heritage of our nation, critical thinking skills, basic morals, and civics. Locally elected school boards should have the authority to determine and implement all public school curricula, policies, and procedures for their districts. We demand excellence and accountability from all tax-funded institutions of education in Oklahoma. The federal government has no constitutional role in education; furthermore, we support the creation of a free-market education system, including the use of vouchers and/or tax credits. We believe Oklahoma students are among the best and brightest and deserve a quality education. 
A. Philosophy  
  1. The traditional family unit, consisting of a (husband) man, (wife) woman, and child(ren) is the foundation of our social structure. The Oklahoma Department of Education and the various Boards of Regents should uphold and teach this definition of traditional family at all levels of public and higher education. 
  2. Individuals should have the right to choose their own education and career tracks. 
  3. We believe all parents should be allowed to use their education tax dollars for the family’s choice of schooling. 
  4. We affirm the right of students and school employees to the free exercise of religion as guaranteed by the First Amendment, including the right to wear and display religious symbols, voluntary vocal prayer, optional Bible and religious study, religious expression including holidays, and equal access to use of school facilities for these activities. 
  5. The United States flag should be displayed in the classroom. Students should start the day by reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, including "one nation under God", and be taught the history of and respect for our United States flag. 
  6. We support parental access to examine and evaluate all educational, assessment, psychological, medical, physical, and all other records pertaining to their children. Before any physical or mental screening, active parental consent must be obtained. 
  7. Student participation in any program should be based upon prior written parental consent, without repercussion (opt in vs. opt out). Notification to parents should be clear, simple, and descriptive. 
  8. The Ten Commandments should never be barred from view in public schools as a means of moral guidance along with our national motto "In God We Trust" and the Bill of Rights. Public schools shall not prohibit the teaching of the Judeo-Christian worldview upon which our country was founded. 
  9. We oppose any government required community service condition for graduation.
  10. Computer technology and calculators should only be used after basic math and reading and writing proficiency are achieved in order to reinforce, not replace, the learning of basic skills. 
  11. The Federal Department of Education should be eliminated and its authority returned to the States. 
  12. We oppose the imposition of national curricula, testing, data collection and teacher certification, Common Core State Standards and associated assessments, and federally mandated programs such as “No Child Left Behind" or "Race to the Top,” Early Learning Guidelines and Core Competencies. 
  13. We believe the K-12 public-school system is for the benefit of children of legal residents of the United States. 
B. Curriculum 
  1. The heritage of the United States of America should be taught in public schools and include representative government, limited government, the lives and beliefs of the Founders, influence of the Bible and religion on our laws and principles, and the concept of free enterprise. Students should study directly from the primary founding documents, which teach the distribution of power among three branches of federal government and between federal and state government. 
  2. Where evolution is taught, intelligent design and competing origin theories must be taught as well. 
  3. Local school boards should exercise their right to choose curriculum and textbooks, including the Bible as a literature or history text, without state limitations. 
  4. Parents must maintain the right and responsibility to educate their children regarding sexuality and sexual conduct. Neither classroom instruction nor school-based health services shall usurp parental rights to educate their children. 
  5. We oppose the portrayal of homosexual or promiscuous behavior in a positive light in public schools. 
  6. Multiculturalism that promotes cultural segregation should not be taught. We respect different cultures and support teaching our commonalities as U. S. citizens. 
  7. English, the dominant language of our nation, should be the primary language taught in public schools with other languages offered as electives. 
  8. We support curricula that promotes national sovereignty and opposes one-world government and global citizenship. 
  9. We support the right of parents to personally observe all classroom instruction and activities. 
  10. Acknowledging Oklahoma’s repeal of Common Core in 2014, we oppose implementation of Common Core standards through assessments or in any other form or under any other name. 
  11. We oppose the federal mandate that social studies curriculum be created or approved by the Center for Civic Education. 
  12. We support the teaching of the Advance Placement U.S. History Course using the previously approved 2010 framework. We oppose the implementation of the revisionist 2014-15 framework for the teaching of the A.P. U.S. History course which is in violation of the standards as set out above in Education B(1). 
C. Administration and Management 
  1. We oppose all un-funded mandates. 
  2. Teachers should not be coerced to adjust standards for any failing students, including athletes. 
  3. A positive competitive spirit in all public school activities, including athletics and academics, should be encouraged. 
  4. Compulsory education should adhere to the ages set forth in the Oklahoma Constitution, which are ages 8 -16. 
  5. The Teachers Retirement Fund should be actuarially funded with full public disclosure. 
  6. Extensive background checks of prospective school employees are necessary, with the right of local school boards to refuse employment to anyone. 
  7. We support decertifying all teachers unions in Oklahoma so that local school boards are free to hire, direct, train, retrain, or terminate any teacher that fails to provide the highest quality of instruction, based on merit, not years of service. 
  8. We oppose allowing Public School Districts receiving any state funding to pay or collect any employee's organizational and/or union dues by using the payroll deduction system or any other accounting/collection system of the school district to provide centralized dues collection. 
  9. Teachers, school administrators and the local school board should work together to set and implement policies that give teachers the freedom and authority to lawfully maintain order, discipline and safety. 
  10. We call for enforcement of the Oklahoma statutes that prohibit teachers from striking during the school year. 
  11. Local school districts should be able to place year-end excess monies into an interest bearing account to encourage fiscal responsibility, and they should not be penalized by the State Department of Education for doing so. 
  12. We support public independent auditing of all public schools and institutions of higher education in Oklahoma. 
  13. We support the right of parents to apply for exemption for their children from school vaccination requirements for medical reasons, religious reasons, or other reasons of conscience. 
  14. We believe a public school should protect the privacy of any personal information or data collected by the school on a student or his family and we oppose data mining of that information. 
  15. We support the removal of automatic teacher tenure. 
  16. We support reducing the number of school superintendents in Oklahoma by consolidating school administration. 
  17. We encourage schools to pursue security options, including but not limited to officers and school employees who are qualified to be armed. 
  18. The Quantitative portion of the Teacher and Leader Effectiveness evaluation system (TLE) needs to be delayed or removed because the data collection models often point back to specific ways of teaching Common Core and include the collection of behavioral data on students which violates Education C(15) as set out above. 
D. Higher Education 
  1. We support meaningful reform in the structure of our higher education system, including: 
    1. Evaluation of all programs and individuals for the elimination and reform of substandard performing programs and individuals. Evaluations shall include an annual report to the Legislature denoting the programs of study and majors offered separately by each institution under the oversight of the State Regents. 
    2. Budgeting tied to comprehensive planning processes with increases in funding directly related to specific goals and objectives listing expected improvements. 
  2. Students, who are U.S. Citizens, should be able to use taxpayer-funded scholarships, grants or other financial aid to obtain a degree in the field of their choice, including religious studies. 
  3. There should be a required course in phonics for elementary teacher certification, as well as for certification at all levels of reading and language arts. 
  4. College students should have a Students Bill of Rights to ensure their due process rights are protected. 
  5. We support strict adherence to the law that requires the majority of the nine-member Board of Regents for the Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College ("OSU") to be actively engaged in farming or ranching. 
Preamble: We believe all persons are responsible and should be held accountable for their actions. We believe in transparent and honest government with minimal intrusion, providing protection for all its citizens with fair and equitable treatment, enforcement, and justice. We realize without economic freedom there is no political freedom. We believe the greatest incentive for the creation of wealth lies in the respect for private property rights and the free enterprise system is the best and most efficient distribution of resources. 
A. Crime and Punishment 
  1. We believe that the final solution to all crime is a change of heart and support the utilization of Christian faith-based and privately-financed programs to reduce recidivism and for the treatment of drug offenders as an alternative to prison. 
  2. We believe that the judicial process should be completed in a speedy manner while preserving the individual’s due process. 
  3. We believe that the criminal should make restitution to the victims or their heirs for crimes. We believe that taxpayer money should not be used for victim restitution. 
  4. We support strict law enforcement and punishment for all crimes, including the use of the death penalty when appropriate. 
  5. We believe violation of state and local laws by federal officials shall not be tolerated. 
  6. We believe victims and/or their agents shall have the right to attend all hearings pertaining to crime(s) committed against them. 
  7. We support legislation that would eliminate the filing of frivolous lawsuits, including those filed by incarcerated persons. 
  8. We oppose all hate crime and thought crime laws. 
  9. We support a profitable compensation when housing criminals from other states in Oklahoma. 
  10. We support improvement in safety and prison reform, including alternative sentencing for non-violent crime and punishment. 
B. Economic Development 
  1. We believe that Oklahoma’s efforts to attract industry should be grounded upon the establishment of a favorable and friendly economic climate rather than upon tax and other governmental subsidies to individual businesses. 
  2. We support the revision of corporate laws and regulations to encourage business and economic development while reflecting free market principles. 
  3. We support open competition in all industries to encourage economic development. 
  4. We discourage government competition with the private sector. 
  5. We support limited Tax Increment Financing (TIF) District laws which include a sunset provision. 
  6. We support stopping the placement of land in trust thereby removing property from tax rolls. 
  7. We support tort reform.
  8. We oppose market interference by the State Legislature in setting insurance premiums. 
C. Election Reform 
  1. We encourage centrally located polling places in each precinct in order to make them more accessible to voters. 
  2. We support the consolidation of election dates in order to conserve state money and to increase voter participation. 
  3. We support requiring the Bureau of Vital Statistics to report, in a timely manner, any deaths reported to them to all affected state and county agencies, especially county election boards. 
  4. We support requiring government-issued picture ID for voting. 
  5. We believe that all candidates for elective office be required to provide proof of legal qualification at the time of filing for office. This documentation shall be available to the public during the Election Board office hours to include the requirement that all candidates for President of the United States of America be “natural born citizens” as defined by the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and five (5) U.S. Supreme Court decisions. 
  6. We believe judicial candidates should be legally allowed to speak openly about personal convictions and decisions made regarding matters of public record. 
  7. We believe only registered Republican voters shall vote in Oklahoma Republican Primary Elections. 
  8. We support a requirement that each vote cast in all elections be documented by paper. 
  9. We support the use of secret ballots for all public, union, and political elections. 
  10. We support less restrictive rules for initiative petitions for State Questions. 
  11. We support public access to the counting and tabulation of votes at all levels. 
  12. We oppose a Political Action Committee (PAC) composed of or controlled by Legislators recruiting or supporting any candidate until the primary selection process is complete. 
  13. We support allowing Oklahomans to hire out-of-state citizens to gather signatures on petitions. 
  14. We support continuing the current statewide election of state officials rather than appointment by the Governor. 
  15. We encourage Republican candidates to accept PAC contributions only from those PACs that are in alignment with the party platform. 
  16. We believe election of judges shall be from a ballot of legally qualified candidates who file for said office. 
  17. We support a strong review process for sitting justices as we believe that the judiciary should apply the law, and should not make law or policy by fiat. 
  18. We support enacting a statutory limitation of length of service to replace the current vote to retain or remove a justice. 
D. Environment, Water, and Energy 
  1. The responsible use of natural resources is essential for the benefit for future generations. We support environmental regulations that are based on sound science, that respect the rights of property owners and that do not impose unreasonable burdens on our state’s businesses. 
  2. We strongly oppose the State of Oklahoma selling water rights to out-of-state buyers. 
  3. We strongly oppose the use of eminent domain for any water sale. 
  4. We believe that a sustainable supply of water for a local area should be a priority before any permit is granted that would transfer water outside a local basin or aquifer area. Water is a natural resource, not a commodity, and should be protected for use by local residents, agriculture, and industry. 
  5. We believe that water permits should not allow the withdrawal of water to the extent that the private property rights of other landowners are infringed including their ability to increase use. 
  6. We believe the definition of hazardous waste should exclude animal waste. 
  7. We support the right of states to provide water for present and future use in the next 100 years within their borders by state residents before they can be appropriated or designated for use in other states. 
  8. We support an energy policy based on the efficient use and expansion of current resources such as fossil fuels, clean coal, and nuclear energy; and exploration and efficient use of other resources such as bio-fuels, wind, solar and water energy. 
  9. We believe that wind rights are a private property right. 
  10. Because of data collection and privacy concerns, we support the rights of individuals and businesses to refuse the installation of smart meters without penalties. 
E. Immigration 
  1. We support strong enforcement of state and federal laws dealing with illegal aliens. We oppose any form of blanket amnesty. 
  2. We support the elimination of “sanctuary cities” for illegal aliens. 
  3. We believe state government social programs should be available only to citizens of the United States who are legal Oklahoma residents. 
  4. We believe legal guest workers should assume social costs, such as education and health care for themselves and their dependents. 
  5. We support substantial state fines for employers who knowingly hire illegal aliens. 
  6. We support issuing driver’s license only to citizens and others who reside here legally, and not to illegal aliens. 
F. State Agencies, All Levels of Government 
  1. We support reducing the size of state government to allow citizens to do those things that people can do best for themselves. 
  2. We support legislative efforts to repeal outdated and irrelevant statutes in keeping with the philosophy of smaller government. We support the elimination or consolidation of redundant authorities, boards, commissions, and agencies. 
  3. We believe in transparent and honest government in the Oklahoma Legislature, all legislative committees, and in state and county agencies.
    1. We oppose any exemptions to the current Open Meetings and Open Records Act.
    2. We support providing an enforcement mechanism to ensure compliance with the Open Meetings and Records Act and with audit findings. 
  4. We support external annual performance and financial audits. We support public disclosure of all financial records of public institutions including trusts, authorities, libraries, community foundations, all state retirement funds and teacher retirement funds. 
  5. We support the Whistle Blower Act which protects all public employees, including higher education employees. 
  6. We believe all state agencies should be made accountable for maintenance of their records and accurate enforcement of rules, policies and regulations. 
  7. We believe judges who act in violation of the United States or Oklahoma Constitution should be impeached and removed from office in a timely manner. 
  8. We strongly support protection from self-serving legislation and/or conflict of interest legislation without evidence of negative impact on the citizens and/or their communities. 
  9. We demand that all elected and appointed officials aggressively uncover, remedy and prosecute all waste, fraud, and abuse in government. 
  10. We support the repeal of Title 11, Section 22-104.1 of the OK Statutes, which enables a municipal corporation to engage in any business it is authorized to license. 
  11. We oppose unfunded mandates by the State Legislature and state agencies. 
  12. We oppose the declaration of a United Nations Day in Oklahoma. 
  13. We support mandatory random drug testing for all employees of the State of Oklahoma and recipients of public assistance with sanctions for positive test results. 
  14. We believe the Attorney General should be removed from the District Attorney’s Council so that locally elected officials have the proper degree of autonomy. 
  15. We oppose the use of law foreign to Oklahoma law that would restrict any rights and freedoms guaranteed by the US and/or Oklahoma constitution. 
  16. We call on the Attorney General to vigorously enforce Article XXII, Section 1 of the Oklahoma Constitution which prohibits foreign governments from owning businesses or real estate in Oklahoma. 
  17. We call on the Attorney General to enforce Article XXIII of the Oklahoma Constitution which limits the use of eminent domain. 
  18. We believe that no governmental agency or private business should require from any citizen any information that is not essential to the direct performance of the agency’s/ business’s operation or mandate. 
G. State Legislation/Legislature 
  1. We support any/all legislation that protects our rights guaranteed by the Bill of Rights, Amendments I- X of the Constitution.
  2. We believe that it is the responsibility of individual legislators to read and to be knowledgeable of all pieces of legislation prior to voting. 
  3. We believe all bills should be limited to one issue. 
  4. We recommend an explanation of the specific Oklahoma and United States Constitutional authority and a statement of its origin when filing a bill. 
  5. We oppose the final passage of any legislation before the full text has been written and read. 
  6. We support full funding all state retirement systems and use of the same formula and providing the same cost of living adjustments (COLAs) and other benefits for all members. 
  7. We believe that all state-tribal compacts and agreements should require the approval of both houses of the Legislature in addition to the ten-member Joint Committee on State-Tribal Relations. 
  8. We oppose further erosion or surrender of Oklahoma sovereignty to Indian tribes. 
  9. We support legislation rescinding Oklahoma’s previous calls for a U.S. Constitutional Convention. 
  10. We believe that Oklahoma should ratify a proposed Balanced Federal Budget Amendment to the U.S. Constitution promptly upon its submission to the states. 
  11. We support full protection of U.S. Second Amendment rights in Oklahoma by amending the Oklahoma Constitution to mirror the Second Amendment of the US Constitution. 
  12. We support the right of college students after reaching legal age to carry a concealed firearm on campus after receiving proper licensing. 
  13. We support the Tenth Amendment in the Bill of Rights, which explicitly limits the Federal government’s powers to those enumerated in the Constitution of the United States. The Sovereign State of Oklahoma shall empower state law enforcement to restore the peace and protect Oklahoma citizens through the arrest and prosecution of any persons/agents attempting to inflict unconstitutional laws/mandates on its citizens. 
  14. We believe Oklahoma shall participate only in programs or plans that protect private-property rights and encourage citizens to develop their property in a manner that does not harm others. 
  15. We oppose using the concept of claiming property is “blighted” as a reason for taking land. We oppose the use of eminent domain for private purposes or increased taxes. 
  16. We support the fundamental right to own and to enjoy our private property and we oppose restrictions or losses of that right. 
  17. We support fair, just, and timely compensation for property owners when governmental regulations limit property use. 
  18. We believe all judges appointed by the Governor should be subject to confirmation by the Senate. 
  19. We oppose animal ID programs by the state or federal government, leaving it up to the free market. 
  20. We support the implementation of "sunset laws." 
  21. We support driver’s license photos of a lower resolution that is perfectly adequate for visual identification, but not for biometric tracking.  
  22. We support the repeal of mandatory fingerprinting or other traceable biometric information, and we oppose the maintenance of a biometric database, in connection with an application for a driver’ s license or government ID. 
  23. We believe Oklahoma should cease implementation of the benchmarks set forth in the Federal Real ID Act, should not participate in any national or global ID scheme and should prohibit the introduction of a radio frequency identification device (RFID) in any state-issued identification cards. 
  24. We support lawsuit reform including but not limited to “loser pays”. 
  25. We believe the Oklahoma Lottery should be repealed or privatized. 
  26. We oppose the expansion of gambling in any form in Oklahoma. 
  27. We support strengthening protections for homeowners against arbitrary zoning change, which damage property values and oppose “Sustainable Development.” 
  28. We support amending the current Right to Farm law to explicitly allow for expansion, production, technological changes and measures to protect these activities. 
  29. We believe a fee shall be defined as funds collected for voluntary use of government service, be used exclusively for that service and not to exceed the cost of that service. 
  30. We support the Unmanned Surveillance Act which prohibits the use of a drone when no warrant has been issued. 
H. Transportation 
  1. We support efficient and necessary spending on our state, county and local roads and bridges because they are essential for sustainable economic growth and development. 
  2. We support legislation requiring that all state fuel and vehicle taxes and tag fees go to state, county & local transportation infrastructure. 
  3. We support the state and its citizens maintaining control of all transportation instead of selling or leasing control of that right to foreign entities, corporations, private/public partnerships or other states. 
  4. We oppose the NAFTA superhighway. 
  5. We support a free market-based public transportation system as opposed to government funding. 
  6. We oppose public-private partnerships and the use of eminent domain to build and operate toll roads and bridges. 
Preamble: The Constitution of the United States is the supreme law of the land and should be interpreted according to the original intent of the founding fathers. We call for reaffirmation of our God-given rights enumerated in the first ten amendments, the Bill of Rights. Our founding fathers based the Declaration of Independence, our Constitution, Bill of Rights and early laws on traditional Judeo-Christian ethics and values. We believe these documents are the basis for law, order and behavior, allowing individuals, including government officials, the freedom to involve God in all activities according to their consciences. 
A. Defense
  1. We support maintaining a strong national defense and advocate “peace through strength.”
  2. We believe that research and development of weapons and defense technologies are a vital part of a strong national defense and should be fully funded.
  3. We support defense spending to provide sufficient compensation, educational opportunities, quality training and the best equipment for our armed forces. 
  4. We support the right of the military’s internal determination of who is qualified to perform the various roles and functions of each branch of the uniformed armed services rather than through Executive Order. 
  5. We oppose re-instituting the draft except in time of war as declared by Congress. 
  6. We oppose the military use of U.S. troops under foreign command. 
  7. We support veterans’ and survivors’ benefits, including a healthcare card for those diagnosed with PTSD, and the expeditious fulfillment of the promises written and implied of those benefits. We support the reform of the Veteran’s Administration. 
  8. We oppose the relinquishment and restrictions on the use of strategically essential U.S. military and training facilities. 
  9. We believe any educational institution that inhibits the normal operations of ROTC or military recruiters should be ineligible for government funding. 
  10. We support the freedom of military chaplains to provide religious services according to their faith. 
  11. We believe foreign enemies who have committed or planned acts of aggression against the U.S. are unlawful enemy combatants and are not entitled to citizenship rights under the U.S. Constitution. We believe they should be held in detention facilities such as Guantanamo Bay, not the U.S. Prisons Systems, and their cases adjudicated by military tribunals, not by U.S. Criminal Courts. 
  12. We support realignment of military assets and bases to maximize their effectiveness. 
  13. Congress and/or the President should refrain from weakening the military through changes to the Uniform Military Code of Conduct. The military should be allowed to maintain its high level of honesty, integrity and morality. 
B. Foreign Policy 
  1. We oppose admission to the World Trade Organization for any country that is a security threat to the United States. 
  2. We recognize the sovereignty of all nations—including Israel—and their right to govern themselves. 
  3. We oppose any compromise of national sovereignty by treaties or trade agreements. 
  4. We oppose the sale of dual-use technologies by U.S. corporations not only to designated terrorist nations but also to antagonistic nations. 
  5. We oppose any transfer of wealth from the U.S taxpayers to any foreign governments under the umbrella referred to as foreign aid except for humanitarian and/ or military assistance. 
  6. We support the protection of our nation’s intellectual property rights including access to our patents  
  7. We oppose the creation of a common currency for North, Central, and South America, other than the U.S. dollar as authorized and issued only by the United States. 
  8. We oppose foreign control over any ports or bases within the jurisdiction of the United States. 
  9. We support equal access to global markets for U.S. agricultural products and elimination of unfair limitations. 
  10. We oppose the construction of a Transcontinental Super Corridor Highway (also known as NAFTA superhighway), The Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America, and the creation of The North American Union. Additionally, we oppose support of, or participation in, a new global compact called a League of Democracies, as we are a unique and constitutional, representative Republic. Furthermore, we oppose the creation of, or participation in, a Trans-Atlantic Common Market. We oppose efforts by our government to pressure Israel or any other nation into negotiating with terrorists. 
  11. We urge Congress to withdraw from and avoid free trade pacts—such as NAFTA, CAFTA, and FTAA —because they threaten our national sovereignty. 
  12. We support policies that protect all US Embassies and allies. 
  13. We support the vigorous execution of the war on terror, both foreign and domestic, including preemptive use of force when necessary, as a vital part of our national defense, while ensuring the protection of individual rights. 
  14. We oppose the normalization of diplomatic or economic ties with Cuba until the totalitarian form of government is eliminated. 
  15. Large trade deficits and currency manipulation are a threat to our economic stability and our government should stop using them as a geopolitical tool. 
C. United Nations 
  1. We believe the United Nations should be held accountable financially, ethically, and morally. If it is not, we support defunding and the withdrawal from the United Nations and removal of the UN Headquarters from the territory of the United States. Upon withdrawal, all treaties, resolutions and authorities from the UN would then be null and void. 
  2. We oppose relinquishment of our national sovereignty to the United Nations and oppose the action of any international organization that would supersede the rights of a United States including the United Nation’s treaty titled the Rights of the Child, the Law of the Sea Treaty, and any “Agenda 21” initiatives. 
  3. We oppose a United Nations tax applied directly or indirectly to citizens of the United States. 
  4. We oppose the designation of United States National Parks and Monuments as World Heritage Sites of the United Nations. 
D. Constitutional Issues 
  1. We affirm our right under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution to exercise our freedom of speech including religious speech. We believe the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause was intended to prevent a federal government-sponsored or preferred religion, not to separate God from our government or to remove religion from public life. 
  2. We support the Second Amendment as an individual right of the citizens of the United States to keep and bear arms; therefore, we oppose any attempts, whether by law or regulation at any level of government, to restrict any citizen’s right to keep and bear arms (open or concealed), to restrict access to ammunition, or to record the purchase thereof. We also oppose any federal taxation on firearms or ammunition. We oppose universal background checks. 
  3. We oppose any legislation that would require the use of trigger or other locking devices on firearms. 
  4. We support legislation that will protect gun manufacturers or resellers from lawsuits attempting to hold the manufacturers or resellers liable for misuse of guns. 
  5. We oppose any so-called “assault” weapons ban and any effort to register or restrict firearms, ammunition, or magazines. 
  6. We oppose legislation that would require gun owners to purchase insurance policies covering the misuse of their firearms. 
  7. We believe the United States Constitution directs the judiciary to interpret law, not make law or create law through judicial activism. 
  8. We support the Tenth Amendment that provides “the powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people,” and we oppose any attempt by the federal government to intrude on state’s rights. 
  9. We affirm the provisions enumerated in the Bill of Rights. Therefore, we oppose the Patriot Act and the NDA A’ s Sections 1021 and 1022, which allow American citizens, except for enemy combatants, to be held indefinitely without due process, and call for its repeal.
  10. We support the display of Judeo-Christian religious symbols, including the Ten Commandments in public places.
  11. We support capital punishment. 
  12. We support the present Constitutional requirement that a Presidential candidate be a natural born citizen and documentation supporting that fact be presented at time of filing. 
  13. We oppose court decisions based on foreign law, such as Sharia Law, instead of American and United States Constitutional doctrine. 
  14. We support a constitutional amendment requiring a balanced budget. 
  15. We support a constitutional amendment instituting term limits of 18 years for all elected members of Congress. 
  16. We support the concept of nullification as a legitimate tool for adjudicating disputes between the states and the federal government when the federal government enacts a law clearly not in pursuance of the constitution, specifically when done outside the powers delegated to it in Article I, Section 8. 
  17. We support a proportional electoral college as opposed to a winner take all, providing all states do the same. We are also opposed to mandatory voting of any kind. 
E. Social Security 
  1. We believe that Social Security and government pension funds should be used only for the original purpose for which they were intended. Social Security is a contract with the United States workers and not an entitlement. Raiding Social Security trust funds should cease, and raided funds should be replenished. 
  2. We believe Taxpayers should have ownership and control over individual Social Security accounts, including allowing a percentage of their Social Security tax to be placed in private investments of their choosing. 
  3. We support repealing the 1993 Clinton tax on Social Security benefits. 
F. Agriculture 
1. The immediate requirement of country of origin labeling on all whole food and fiber products. We strongly support only products “born, raised, slaughtered, and processed” or “sprouted, harvested, grown and processed” in this country to receive a U.S. label. 
2. Reducing fuel taxes, both federal and state for agricultural use. 
3. Eliminating all programs, including tax breaks, that support the production, sale, or distribution of genetically modified food (GMO). 
  1. Self-audit legislation monitoring large-scale swine and poultry producers. 
  2. Overly restrictive regulation of carbon and particulate matter emissions, including dust, in the agricultural industry. 
  3. Animals being granted legal rights in the same fashion as human beings. 
  4. Livestock taxation.
  5. Any government interference or legislation which would restrict or regulate family farms or farmers’ markets. 
  1. That the USDA Agriculture appropriations accurately show the percentage of money set aside for agriculture and for non-agricultural programs such as school lunch programs and food stamps. 
G. Immigration 
We Support: 
  1. Legal immigration and appreciate and cherish immigrants. 
  2. Enforcement of laws on illegal immigration. 
  3. Securing our borders against illegal immigrants and potential enemies of the United States. 
  4. The meeting of legal requirements for citizenship, excluding the provision of birthright citizenship to children of illegal residents, and the pathway to citizenship. 
  5. A strictly regulated and enforced guest worker program. Legal guest workers should assume social costs, such as education and health care for themselves and their dependents. 
  6. The method for determining the number of immigrants and temporary visa holders allowed in the United States should be revised to prevent an adverse effect on our national security, wages, housing, the environment, medical care or schools. 
  7. The United States government should vigorously enforce and demand that all local law enforcement agencies uphold and enforce all federal laws concerning illegal immigration. 
We Oppose: 
  1. Illegal aliens being given the same privileges as U.S. citizens or legal aliens, including entitlements such as social security, health, education and earned income tax credits, even if they or their children have work or student status. 
  2. Non-citizens having the right to vote. 
  3. Legal immigrants overstaying their visas. 
  4. A “path to citizenship” that would grant citizenship to illegal aliens faster than to immigrants who have come to the United States through legal means. 
H. Election Reform 
  1. Continuation of the Electoral College as prescribed by the U. S. Constitution. 
  2. The repeal of the Motor Voter Act. 
  3. Requiring the use of a government issued photo ID at polling places. 
  4. Mandatory and swift penalties for voter fraud. 
  5. Repeal of the bipartisan McCain/Feingold Campaign Reform Act. 
  6. Strict verification of voter eligibility when registering. 
  7. That the current $3.00 Presidential Primary check-off on Tax Forms be changed to an add-on (where the taxpayer who checks the item pays the $3.00 by adding it to their tax bill or reducing the $3.00 from their refund). 
  8. Corporations giving to political campaigns. 
  1. Same day voter registration due to the fact that these laws it opens the door to voter fraud. 
  2. Voting via the Internet. 
I. Federal General 
  1. The idea that the purpose of government is to govern. Therefore, we endorse the elimination of government funding for the Public Broadcasting System, the National Endowment for the Arts and National Public Radio. 
  2. Free, open and fair markets. 
  3. Review and overhaul of the Endangered Species Act. 
  4. Abolishment of the Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Education, and the Department of Labor. We support the distribution of their powers and responsibilities to state authority. 
  5. Abolishment of the federal minimum wage. 
  6. Repeal of federal legislation that requires paying prevailing union wages on government contracts. 
  7. Protection of public and private sector employee “Whistle-Blowers.” 
  8. The enforcement of the Supreme Court’s decision in “Communication’s Workers of America vs. Beck” regarding the refunding of union dues used for partisan political activity. 
  9. The right of private associations to admit or deny membership based on what each association’s conscience dictates. 
  10. An English Language Act, which would make English our official language in the United States. 
  11. A National Right-To-Work law. 
  12. Implementation of "sunset laws,” "zero-based budgeting,” and performance audits to require justification for government programs. 
  13. Restriction of travel by government employees and elected officials at tax payer’s expense except for official business. 
  14. Keeping the phrase “In God We trust” on U.S. Currency and we support leaving “Under God” in our Pledge of Allegiance. 
  15. Limiting the expansion of new lands in tribal trust. 
  16. Limiting welfare and any other federal/state entitlement programs, to help those who are truly incapable of self-support. 
  17. A requirement for all able-bodied welfare recipients of welfare and other federal entitlements to work. 
  18. The complete accounting of all MIAs and POWs that were engaged in military actions by the United States. 
    19. Repeal the 16th Amendment, the elimination of the Internal Revenue Service and replacement of the current tax system based on income with a simple system that is fair and equitable. 
  19. When U.S. Conference Committees meet, they should consider only those items submitted from the House and/or Senate. No additional expenditures and items shall be added. 
  20. Retaining the religious significance of national holidays. 
  21. Preservation of the National Day of Prayer. 
  22. National adoption of a voting system that requires the vote to be verifiable by paper balloting. 
  23. The concept that when elected or appointed officials break laws or violate the Constitution, they should be impeached, terminated from office and prosecuted. 
  24. A full and complete public audit of the Federal Reserve System. 
  25. The repeal of the Affordable Care Act. 
  26. The elimination of barriers to purchase insurance across state lines. 
  27. Total State control of Medicaid programs. 
  28. Full transparency in all forms of government. 
  29. Legislation to limit the power of federal regulatory agencies. 
  30. The concept that Congress shall make no law that applies to citizens of the United States that does not apply to the Senators and Representatives. Congress shall make no law that applies to Senators and Representatives that does not apply equally to the citizens of the United States. 
  1. Socialized medicine, the Affordable Care Act, or any other nationalized health care system. 
  2. Stem cell research based upon cells obtained from embryonic or fetal material. 
  3. The Kyoto Accord Treaty. 
  4. All congressional pay increases until the federal budget is balanced. 
  5. Statehood for the District of Columbia and allowing its representative a vote in Congress. 
  6. A temporary assistance package for lenders or borrowers in mortgage foreclosures. The free market should be allowed to work. 
  7. The so-called “REAL ID” Act as it is unconstitutional and amounts to an unprecedented grant of power to government in general, and the federal government in particular, we oppose implementation of a “national identification card” or any dermal, sub-dermal, internal or otherwise implanted device for the identification and tracking of any U.S. citizen or their personal property for any reason. 
  8. The creation of a new federal internal security force. 
  9. The federal creation of wage caps. 
  10. The seizure of control of the census process by the president and we call for it to remain under the control of the Department of Commerce. We oppose the failure to identify any person as a non-citizen in the census. 
  11. The appointment and funding of presidential “czars.” 
  12. Any attempts by the Federal Government to reinstitute the “Fairness Doctrine” or institute “Net Neutrality.” 
  1. The government should be required to eliminate earmarks.  
  2. That former federal legislators should be restricted from working as lobbyists for a period of seven years following their last legislative term. 
  3. Whereas Native Americans have been granted rights and privileges not afforded to other US Citizens, Congress should consider adjusting language in the various treaties so as to limit the growth of those “special” rights and privileges. 
  4. That the individual right of a property owner not be abrogated in favor of another citizen or private entity through the use of eminent domain. 
  5. That the Constitution provides for a clear and distinct separation of powers among the three branches of government. Any governmental action that tends to promote or allow one branch of government to practice the power or powers of the other branches of government is a violation of the limits placed on government by the people. 
  6. Individuals, families, churches, and private organizations should take responsibility in meeting the needs of the citizens of the community. 
  7. That while all crimes are abhorrent, any definition of a “hate crime” or harsher penalties based on those definitions are by their nature an infringement of the rights guaranteed by the First Amendment. 
  8. In a welfare policy that promotes family unity, a strong work ethic, and individual responsibility. Those who repeatedly misuse the system, or fraudulently represent themselves shall forfeit further assistance. 
  9. That no advertising on television should be permitted on behalf of welfare and government agencies. 
  10. Each piece of legislation should address only a single item. 
J. Energy
  1. Creation and enactment of a national energy policy to reduce dependence on foreign sources. We believe dependence on foreign energy sources is a national security issue. 
  2. Development of domestic resources, renewable fuels, research for non-food bio-fuels, other alternative energy sources, and private market-based development of alternative energy systems without tax subsidies. 
  3. Reasonable expansion of oil and gas exploration in the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) and in offshore areas where it is currently prohibited. We believe that the federal government should work to ease restrictions in the search for natural resources. 
  4. The private expansion of oil and gas refining facilities, including the Keystone XL Pipeline crossing the Canadian/U.S. border. 
  5. The exportation of U.S. petroleum products. 
  6. The rejection of the “Cap and Trade” system for carbon dioxide as the approach to dealing with so- called “climate change.” This is really a pass-on tax, which is a disincentive for energy exploration and production and would result in skyrocketing consumer energy prices. 
  7. The reversal of federal curbs, moratoriums, punitive taxes and fees on our domestic oil and gas industry. 
National Preamble: We believe that American people face a daunting and challenging economic reality. The problems that we face today are the results of decades of ever increasing governmental involvement in the free market system. The solutions to these problems will not be found in Washington, D.C. or in the respective state capitol. The economic success of honest and hardworking individual Americans should be respected and not penalized by calls for ‘ fairness’ , higher taxation or redistribution of wealth. Freeing the American people to succeed and enjoy the fruits of their labor will be the most effective way to increase jobs, increase real wages, and to generally expand the American economy. We believe in the time-honored Republican tradition of personal accountability and responsibility for our behaviors. We believe that charity belongs in the private and religious sectors and not in the hands of government at any level. All ‘charity’ conducted in the name of the state first requires the confiscations of the resources of private individuals. We believe that the objective of all forms of private charity should be the restoration and independence of individuals. The permanent reliance of able- bodied individuals upon a charity for basic subsistence is a tragedy and a waste of human potential. We support the ownership of private property. We view existing wealth and all income as belonging to the individuals and organizations that rightfully gained such property. Taxes are only valid where they provide for legitimate government functions, where they are the least amount necessary, where they are equitably derived, and where government agencies are held to strict accountability for the efficient use of these funds. We urge government at all levels to lower taxes to stimulate economic growth. We support the promotion of free enterprise with minimal government intervention. We oppose double taxation, the estate tax, any tax increases, fee increases, lottery or other revenue-raising schemes to balance the budget. Federal, state and local budgets should be balanced by decreasing spending, eliminating fraud, and duplication of services. 
A. Federal Budget and Taxation 
  1. We support requiring a balanced federal budget, except in times of congressionally declared war. 
  2. We support repeal or consolidation of federal, state, and local programs found to be non-performing, duplicative, or not authorized by the constitution. 
  3. We support reform of the congressional budget process that is out of control and laden with earmarks and other “pork barrel” spending. Any ‘earmarks’ must be debated openly and voted on in the Congress. 
  4. We support transparency in government spending. 
  5. Designated funds should be spent only for the stated purpose and not placed in the general fund. 
  6. We support tax policies that promote personal savings and capital formation. 
  7. We support the elimination of the marriage penalty, capital gains taxes, the earned income tax credit, the alternative minimum tax, double-taxation of dividends and inheritance tax. 
  8. We support workable Medical Savings Accounts (MSA's), tax credits for medical insurance, and a free market approach to health care that protects the traditional doctor-patient relationship. We reject further socialization of health care. 
  9. We support replacing the present special Congressional pension and health care benefits with the same ones that the citizens are forced to use, that is, namely private savings, Social Security, and Medicare. 
  10. We support replacing the current income tax with a form of taxation such as the Fair Tax that does not penalize productivity and capital formation.
  11. We support a requirement that all bills presented in Congress identify the specific Constitutional authorization (reference Article I, Section 8).
  12. We oppose taxes or other incentives for businesses that encourage the exportation of jobs from the United States to foreign nations.
  13. We oppose governmental efforts to stimulate the economy or bail out troubled entities through massive increases in governmental spending, crushing debt, and massive tax increases.
  14. We oppose simply ‘printing money’ to allow increased spending.
  15. We oppose federal “make-work” projects.
  16. We oppose the nationalization of private businesses and enterprises. We further oppose efforts to establish a governmental authority to provide support or subsidies in return for partial or complete control of private enterprises.
  17. We oppose federal programs that enlarge the number of Americans US citizens dependent upon government for their basic subsistence.
  18. We oppose restrictive fuel taxes and regulation of carbon or particulate matter emissions.
  19. We oppose raising the debt limit.
  20. We support lowering the national debt by cutting non-defense spending.
  21. We endorse requiring a two-thirds majority vote by Congress to increase taxes (except in times of declared war).
B. State Budget and Taxation State
Preamble: We realize that without economic freedom there is no political freedom. We believe that the greatest incentive for the creation of wealth lies in the respect for private property rights and that the free market is the best and most efficient distributor of scarce resources. We reaffirm our belief that the best government is that which is smallest, least intrusive, and closest to the people.
  1. We support eliminating taxation on retirement income.
  2. We support that any tax or fee set up for a particular purpose should be used solely for that purpose or should be repealed.
  3. We support lowering or removing the state sales tax on groceries.
  4. We support legislation requiring that state lottery funds be applied in addition to, not as a replacement for, state funding of schools.
  5. We support legislation capping property valuation increases for seniors.
  6. We support a Taxpayer Bill of Rights.
  7. We support the use of “zero-based budgeting” to require justification of need.  
  8. We support requiring all initiative petitions to define the funding mechanisms.
  9. We support the elimination of the Oklahoma state individual income tax.
A. Republican Party
  1. The Oklahoma Republican Party will strongly support candidates for public office who have read the Platform and whole-heartedly support the core principles and positions of the Republican Party as expressed in the statement of principles of the Platform of the Oklahoma Republican Party.
  2. Knowing the importance of input and participation for all citizens in our republic, we recommend continuing to document individual ideas, concerns, and suggestions from within our Republican Party. Legislators, candidates, or individuals within the Party may not agree with every detail of the platform; however, we believe Republican candidates should read our Party platform and consider it as a document submitted as a consensus of grassroots concerns.
  3. The Oklahoma Republican Party recognizes that morality and good character are a must for all elected officials.
  4. In order to strengthen grassroots involvement in elections, encourage the good faith sacrifices made by candidates for office, preserve funds for general election, ensure fair and transparent primaries, and increase local accountability, we urge all Political Action Committees (PAC’s) controlled by Republican elected officials – the Oklahoma Republican Senatorial and State House Committees, in particular – to remain neutral in candidate recruitment and in all Republican primary races.
  5. The Republican State Committee should distribute rules to clarify the authority of county and state resolutions committees to introduce new resolutions, change precinct and county resolutions, and reject or merely not recommend submitted resolutions at the committee level.
  6. The Oklahoma Republican Party believes in equal rights and opportunities for all. Therefore, we believe “affirmative action” is more harmful than beneficial.
  7. The Oklahoma Republican Party urges our elected representatives to refrain from any and all activities which would enable or implement Affordable Care Act.
B. Commendations
  1. We commend the heroic men and women in the United States military who have shown remarkable patriotism and made great sacrifices in the mission to defend our way of life and protect the liberty and freedoms of this nation.
  2. We commend Christians of all ages who openly express their faith in the face of increasing opposition and persecution in public places including, but not limited to, opposition to Health and Human Services (HHS) mandate currently persecuting Christians. Furthermore, we applaud their continued adherence to the faith and principles of our Founding Fathers. 
  3. The Oklahoma Republican Party commends and all businesses that publicly support traditional Biblical religious freedoms and principles. 
C. Condolences 
  1. We offer our condolences to the families of our soldiers and all United States citizens who have given their lives defending our country.

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