Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Obama Orders Womens' Restrooms Open To All Men

  If you don't let this biker gang share the restroom with your 13 year old girls, You're a Jim Crow Bigot! - Loretta Lynch.

Feds Sue North Carolina Govt. Over Public Restroom Labels.

  The message from our Attorney General was very stark and very clear. When the state legislature of North Carolina responded to an activist city council from Charlotte, they were met with a federal lawsuit and a dire threat to have state aid from the Federal government withheld.
  The Charlotte city council had ordered all public restrooms to remove all signs designating which gender it accommodates. The legislature and the governor responded with a state order nullifying the city ordinance.
  Parents of young girls, as well as other groups representing rape victims, spoke loudly in support of  protecting women from such dangerous scenarios.
  While the proponents of co-gender restrooms claim to be trying to bring comfort to folks seeking to pass themselves off as the sex opposite what they were born as.
   All of the claims of liberals in the Obama administration to be more enlightened than my grandfather (who had a 3rd grade education), has been debunked by this.
   Some national retail chains have already directed all their local management teams to comply with Obama's effort to fundamentally transform our nation. Even as women strongly object, they are completely rebuffed by the political correctness police who are often labeling the women as bigots. 
    Whatever happened to common sense?

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