Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Trump Only Funds 1% Of His Campaign

  The Trump campaign is mostly run off of borrowed money. Trump's contributors (YES THEY EXIST) provided about 21%. Trump's bankers provided nearly 78%. Trump is only contributing about 1% of his campaign's most recent funding numbers. A research group published their findings at TheNewRevere.com.
  This may not be much different from other presidential campaigns, but it is far from the claims Donald Trump makes in his campaign speeches. the truth is that Trump fully expects to raise money after he is elected, to pay off the massive loans that his campaign is taking out. He is essentially attempting to buy the presidency.

The link isn't working at the time of this publication, so I'm posting the graphic. http://goo.gl/Hcf9hd

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"I’m self-funding my campaign. I’m the only one in either party self-funding my campaign. I’m going to do what’s right. We have to get rid of the lines around the states so that there’s serious, serious competition." -Donald Trump

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