Monday, March 28, 2016

Common Core Is Back: Hofmeister Accused Of Lying To Legislature

Rep. Cleveland takes aim at the state education leadership for deceit. 
News9 reports:
  Some frustrated lawmakers said they feel duped by state Education Superintendent Joy Hofmeister.

  Rep. Bob Cleveland says that Hofmeister told his caucus she backed House changes then went back and told the Senate she preferred their changes.

“She left ours, goes over to the Senate and tells a whole different story,” said Cleveland, R-Slaughterville. “She did not tell the truth.”

“She left our [chamber], goes over to the Senate and tells a whole different story,”
said Cleveland, R-Slaughterville.
“She did not tell the truth.”
  And the 'new' recommendations, Cleveland claims “even the people on that board say it’s Common Core. It’s Common Core coming through the back door. And Joy Hofmeister is behind it.”
  A spokesperson for Hofmeister says the superintendent did not mislead lawmakers, and the Superintendent is confident with the recommendations and they will be put into place as is.


  As for the Oklahoma legislature, they end up looking inept and unable to hold the Education department accountable to he voters of Oklahoma. With filings for legislative offices just a couple weeks away, some frustrated parents may be scrambling to find more capable representation at the capitol.
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  1. They never removed or stopped teaching Common Core in the first place. Common Core is prevalent in several ways in pretty much every district across the country. If the state has a Pro-Common Core governor, then you have Common Core aligned education in your state public schools. There is very little that can be done to remove it's tentacles. Common Core coordinated materials and topics. Professional development and teacher trainings that have the Common Core ideology and methods as the focus. The revised text books in the classrooms are Common Core approved and aligned. Online games and online instruction in school is all synced with Common Core. It's extensive.

    Common Core backer and BIG-TIME donor Bill Gates-
    He is an enthusiast and big player in the globalization and centralization education reform. He has invested millions (maybe billions when all is totaled) to insert a very different, redefined global view of life, the planet, how we as individuals view God and faith, our values, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors.

    He comes from a familial line of pro-Eugenists promoters. In terms of modern day population control, control over human life, war, and human behavior, Bill Gates (and others) recognize they can not merely kill people off here and abroad as they deem necessary. In order to control EVERYTHING they have built a vast network to harness the minds, labors, and futures of each and every child in the U.S. and elsewhere (wherever they have infiltrated).

    This is a basic summary. The more you research and see who and what is involved (the complexity and depth) the more horrified and awake you will be.

    The vast data-collection is the tip of the iceberg to monitor,conform, and (financially and mentally) enslave children throughout their lives. Children are seen as products (human resources) to exploit, use, work, manipulate as needed for the collective good of the state or literally those who are in power.

    Common Core is the educational basis of installing communism and manipulating the population to go along with it voluntarily.

    United Nations, one world/global government.