Friday, March 25, 2016

How A Liberal Hate Group Shut Down A Trump Rally

Fountain Hills is a secluded community, northeast of Phoenix. 
  It takes very little creativity to shut down an event on a Chicago area liberal college campus, but no one expected a suburban Arizona event to be effectively shut down for about an hour, last weekend.
  Trump's local organizer was Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County (greater Phoenix). Joe lives in the Fountain Hills remote community. He organized an outdoor event in this sleepy little bedroom community, perhaps to avoid any liberal enclaves or urban hotbeds of anti-liberty hate groups.

The west roadblock backed up for miles. 
  But the remote location had some problems, and the Liberal hate groups seized on the vulnerabilities. It seems that Fountain Hills is in the Rio Verde valley, east of Scottsdale Mountain. One key arterial expressway is vital to the access into the community... Shea Blvd.
  So the hate groups staged 2 road blockades on each end of the community, so that commuters would not get access without some very creative detours. Yet they had no idea where the other possible road blockades might pop up?

Joe Arpaio finally got the event going for Trump. 
  The national media did not pick up on the multiple blockades and seemed to convey only one blockade existed. The Trump Motorcade eventually arrived from the east, but only after the blockade on Firebrick & Shea was forcibly taken down.
  Perhaps Joe Arpaio thought he had outsmarted the leftist hate groups by holding a remote suburban event? But he was profoundly embarrassed in the end by the way so few activists pulled off a very effective obstruction.

Only about a few thousand people in all were at the Fountain Hills rally. Several of them were protesters who were not granted access inside the barricades. Trump lied about the numbers (of course), but this time there were several aerial videos to verify the crowd size.

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