Friday, March 18, 2016

Inhofe Endorses 'Climate Change' Kasich

  The Detroit Free Press recently endorsed Kasich, in part because of Kasich's public advocacy of state regulations directed at attempting to control climate change.
"Kasich accepts the reality of climate change. Our planet's changing climate — and the threat that poses to human life, as it currently exists — is the most pressing issue of our times." - Detroit Free Press
  Inhofe has previously staked his political reputation on challenging the lack of real scientific evidence of both manmade causes of harmful climate swings and real solutions.

"John is my guy. I served with John in Congress"
  Kasich also strongly supports Common Core and a federal control of our state's education system.
"Kasich has supported Common Core, the nonprofit, nongovernmental effort to improve education in America, characterized by some on the right as a backdoor federal takeover of education."

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  1. Sen. Inhofe has challenged the scientific evidence, not the lack of scientific evidence. I don't know how you challenge a lack of something. Maybe a better way to put would be "challenged the idea of man made climate change on the basis of insufficient evidence."

  2. Additionally, he his challenges to man made climate change stem from conflicting evidence rather than lack of evidence.