Saturday, March 12, 2016

Cruz takes massive early lead in Wyoming

Party leaders use simple, low-tech means of determining county results. 
The live results:
  The Casper Star tribune explains the unique Wyoming process, here:

  Wyoming Republicans will gather in each of the state’s 23 counties today to decide on a presidential nominee.

  But while they’ll select 12 delegates to send to the Republican National Convention in July, the process won’t be complete for another month.
  That’s because Wyoming’s selection process stretches over three events — caucuses held earlier this month, today’s county conventions and a statewide convention in April.

  The county conventions could show which GOP presidential candidate has the most support among Wyoming Republicans.
Highlights from the counties: 
  • In Sheridan County, 45 Republicans voted for Cruz and 30 voted for Rubio, No delegates offered to pledge for Trump or Ohio Gov. John Kasich.
  • In Sweetwater County, 45 people supported Cruz, 28 supported Rubio, 16 supported Trump and no one supported Kasich.
  • In Albany County, 39 people supported Rubio and 37 supported Cruz. 
  • In Teton County, 21 Republicans supported Trump and 19 supported Rubio.
  • In Laramie County, 141 people voted for Cruz, 38 voted for Rubio and 37 supported a delegate who signed a pledge to travel to the national convention not pledged to any one candidate.  

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