Sunday, March 20, 2016

City Hall Attempts Media Blackout

Fox23 declares the new tax idea "Dead In the Water". 


  Michael Bates and other bloggers are again digging up the inconvenient facts about the ill-designed "vision tax" being pushed by elite leftists in the Tulsa Chamber of Commerce. The biggest boondoggle among many, are the fantasies of a dream lake resort community in the Casino District along the South Arkansas River.
Fox23 mysteriously deletes their news story. 

  "So what happened? Fox23 isn't commenting on the story's disappearance, but it's reasonable to speculate based on behavior by Vote Yes forces in past big-project sales tax elections. I have reason to believe that Vision Tulsa supporters threatened to pull advertising, threatened to cut off any cooperation by city officials on future Fox23 stories, and threw some confusing but irrelevant information at station officials at the last minute -- confusing enough to convince station officials to hold off on the story until more research could be done." - Michael Bates
  It seems the city is selling a multi million dollar dam which requires as much maintenance as our last one never got.
  Fox 23 was set to expose the planning disaster, when they suddenly got so much pressure that they pulled the story without any editorial explanation.

  This past week, Tulsans For A Better Vision held a press conference to call attention to the failed city planning legacy. The past 3 mayors, La Fortune, Taylor, and Bartlett; have begged for big tax dollars to build new toys, but they fail to maintain any of the multimillion dollar projects in order to protect the investments. Swimming pools cost the city millions of dollars. Yet almost all of them are closed now. as monuments to lack of vision and lack of fiscal discipline.
Citizens For A Better Vision

Read the Batesline story, here...

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