Monday, March 14, 2016

Cruz Platform Opposes Dominionism Doctrine

  There have been several passing inferences about "Dominionism" in this presidential nominating process. Most of them have been published within the last few weeks, as an attempt to paint Ted Cruz as a cultist nut.
  I will say that I do believe there have been multitudes of fundamentalist Christians who believed this doctrine. Infact, I would say that it has been a mainstream view of the evangelical churches of the last century.  But it runs contrary to any Libertarian tenets of the Republican Party.
Either Cruz is a 'Moral Majority Republican' or he is a 'Constitutional Liberty Republican'. But he can't be both.
  Either Cruz is a "Moral Majority Republican" or he is a "Constitutional Liberty Republican". But he can't be both.

  I'm posting a solid faith-based article from a year ago, so we can all be up-to-speed on the term "Dominionism" from a source which was published long before political operatives exploited the issue.
  I support Ted Cruz because he grasps the importance of the Liberty issue (individual liberty, states' rights, etc). Huckabee and Santorum are far closer to the Dominionism teachings than Cruz.
 "It is against my religion to impose my religion upon anybody." - John Ashcroft
  AG John Ashcroft said it best. The son of prominent pentecostal preachers was asked at his senate confirmation hearing about imposing his religious values upon all of society. He replied; "It is against my religion to impose my religion upon anybody."

Further reading:
Joseph Mattera wrote the following thesis for Charisma Magazine:
7 Reasons I'm Not a Christian Dominionist
There have been some in the Christian camp who have labeled themselves Christian dominionists, possibly because they refer to the original covenant found in Genesis 1:26-28 as "the Dominion Mandate" and because they advocate a top-down approach regarding the imposition of biblical ethics on secular society.
Regarding my teachings on the kingdom, some with an anti-Christian bias have no doubt referred to me as a Christian dominionist even though I preach against it. These folks try to label and intimidate any Christian leader who believes biblical ethics belong in the public square.
Since I am not in agreement with Christian dominionist language, methodology and/or conceptual framework, I will use this missive to give seven reasons why I am not a Christian dominionist. Some reasons are theological and some methodological.
Read the full thesis, here

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