Friday, September 4, 2015

The OKGOP Chooses A Leader On Oct. 10th

Former Chair Pinnell, Nat. Cmte woman McLarty, Vice Chair Hernandez,
& Chairman Brogdon; on Brogdon's first day at the helm, last April.
  It's time to dust off the pages of the OKGOP Rules and get answers to what just happened this week.

  For whatever reasons, the state chairman decided to resign. He intended to make the needed transition more smoothly, by post-dating his resignation to the day of the next State Committee meeting. Unfortunately, our rules don't currently allow for such conveniences to the state party.

  So today Randy Brogdon announced that he will resign officially on Sept. 10th. Then our interim chairman will be Estela Hernandez (the current state vice chairman).

The Official Call

  Carolyn McLarty, Steve Fair, and Estela Hernandez, sent out this official notice to the members of the State Committee (not to be confused with the state executive committee).

David Van Risseghem

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