Monday, September 7, 2015

Oklahoma Cop Calls For Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform

Police officer, Stephen Mills has dedicated his life and career to be an Oklahoma peace officer.
He shares his convictions about maintaining the liberty our republic was founded upon.
It's not an attack on Law Enforcement nor is it helping the drug cartels. Reform is needed to assure the rights of Oklahoma citizens are protected. It's not about whether innocent people currently are or aren't having their property seized. It's about the way the law is currently written so that innocent people CAN have their property seized.
As Police Officers we are public servants sworn to protect the citizens we serve. Law Enforcement should be jumping on the band wagon to effect change. 
Law Enforcement should be jumping on the band wagon to effect change
In our great country we have a system of due process which protects the citizen from strong handed government tactics. This includes our judicial system which requires beyond reasonable doubt before a person can be convicted of a crime. When the government circumvents this system, set in place to protect the citizens, in order to seize their property and funds to then be used by the government, we have become little better than a banana republic.

Oklahoma, we are better than this!
Read Officer Mills' articles on law enforcement & liberty, at :

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  1. The police have NO Constitutional sanction to even exist... The police are parasites on the ass of America

  2. The police have NO Constitutional sanction to even exist......... The police are parasites on the ass of America.. The Founders drove their ilk into the sea, right along with the british... WE the people should do likewise..........

  3. unfortunately, people are like sheep and many need laws and law enforcement to keep them from victimizing others. I'm all for legitimate law enforcement and agents actually doing their job. What has happened now in many areas especially the west and east coast is the very people holding law enforcement badges are turning a blind eye to others in their agencies and those below them that are involved in crime or craven indifference. The was on drugs has umbrellaed a gamut of state and federal violations with the victims unable to do much of anything about being victimized. These agencies seem to be incapable of upholding the law within them or under them and that needs to be changed. Full dismissals, charges and prosecutions need to be brought against informants and undercover agents involved in crimes against other people no more blanket immunity under the claim of investigations or undercover.