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OKGOP Chairman Candidates Detail Their Vision For the Party

  Two of the three announced candidates for OKGOP Chairman have published their "vision statement for the office they are seeking.
  Robert Hubbard and Pam Pollard  have publicly posted their 'vision' statements. Estela Hernandez did not appear to have produced any such press statement of the kind.  We are posting the two public statements as an effort to educate the entire OKGOP membership of the options which the State Committee will be asked to choose from.

Robert Hubbard
My Plan

 The Oklahoma Republican Party has the opportunity and the responsibility to be the leader this nation needs at this moment in time.
  It is evident by watching our current candidates for president that "We the People" are tired of the lip service and show votes by those who claim to be Republicans. Our party platform is extremely clear, and yet some have changed it for self-promotion into two words - "situation
  As I have traveled the state, it is easy to see that the OKGOP is full of hard-working, dedicated people who want to make a difference. Our work for 2016 is to elect men and women who will set a high standard of integrity congruent with the party ideals. If the Republican Party fails to represent the values of the Republican voters, then we have failed.
  Our Young Republicans are growing in numbers, and we must support them as our future leaders. It is our duty to them to put a halt to the cancer that is corruption of government, and to give them an inheritance with the opportunity to thrive. The OFRW is a great group of women that make a tremendous difference in their communities. The members of R.O.P.E have fought for years to protect the educational freedom of our children. The 2nd Amendment groups help keep us focused on our constitutional right to keep and bear arms. There are many other groups that also work at preserving our freedoms. These groups of concerned citizens are the heart and soul of our society.
 I have a plan and a purpose to strengthen and grow these groups of grassroots Oklahomans by finding leaders in each and every precinct and county in the state of Oklahoma. We will be of service to these leaders, and help give them the tools they need to reach out to their friends and neighbors. When Republicans discuss issues, we win. When we uphold the values stated in the Republican platform, we win. When we interact with people, neighborhood by neighborhood, we will grow. By including every precinct, we will automatically include every ethnicity and every social class. People are people. Most are concerned for the good of their family, and the Republican platform supports people and families of every background.
 The Republican Party will be unstoppable when we integrate the techniques of the best business plan together with the integrity and character that aligns with God's word. I will provide training to build those qualities in teams all across the state of people who believe in smaller government, individual freedom, and personal responsibility. It is imperative that we honor the goals our founders set before us of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.
  I will continue to promote the Minuteman program as we build the county parties. It is an excellent plan and as we get the people involved, I will emphasize the importance of having some skin in the game. The Minuteman program is an excellent tool to build team spirit for the Republican Party. When people know their ideas will be heard, and they contribute to the success of the party, the people will have a sense of ownership. Not only are they more likely to vote, they will be more likely to study the issues and uphold Republican values. They will be more inclined to work on campaigns when they know how to make a difference.
  I will reach out to businessmen and women across the state. I will involve people from every walk of life. Our party should be full of the producers of this state from the entry level employee to the CEO. A truly free market gives hope to the unemployed and the underemployed. Our education system should give students the capacity to be all God created them to be, and should allow parents to choose the path that most suits the needs of their family without penalty. The platform of the Republican Party is for those who choose to work hard and make personal sacrifice to have the freedom to succeed beyond their wildest dreams. including learning from mistakes along the way.
 I have a lifetime of experience to lead the OKGOP. I have a solid record as Chairman of Canadian County and Chairman of District 3 of giving everyone a seat at the table, to share ideas, and build up one another. I have experience as a candidate and experience campaigning for others. I have experience in administration and in training people to work hard to reach their goals. I will always seek the truth, not the spin. I will give every primary candidate a level playing field to present themselves to the voters of the great State of Oklahoma.
  All of us, working together, will continue to make a difference!
Robert Hubbard!myplan/c1h51
Pam Pollard


.... I am resuming my candidacy for state party chairman after the resignation of current Chair Randy Brogdon. His resignation is effective Sept 10 for the special election on Oct. 10th. Randy's resignation caught me and many others off guard but I sincerely wish him the very best.
 I believe it is imperative that the state party have a leader that has proven experience at every level of organization. I am ready to get to work on day 1 and have full knowledge of the rules and procedures of the events that will take place in 2016.
 The election will be at a state committee meeting of state committee members. I ask for your support and covet your prayers!

From Dec 15, 2014 announcement

TODAY I announced I am running for Chairman of the Oklahoma Republican Party. Please pray for me for strength with humility as I take on this heartfelt endeavor.
 Former OK County GOP Chair, Oklahoma Republican Party Vice-Chair, and current Oklahoma Federation of Republican Women’s State President, Pam Pollard, today announced she is a candidate for State Chairman of the OK Republican Party. Pollard, speaking to the High Noon club said she entered the race to bring her nearly 20 years of experience to the position.
“The Republican Party is dealing with an identity crisis in today’s political environment. We must bring in groups who vote republican yet are not part of our party. It’s about adding and multiplying not subtracting and dividing. We must get organized and give voters a reason and opportunity to be a part of the Republican Party.”
  Pam has proven leadership skills having been elected 12 times to Republican Party and Republican Women positions. She has lead the Republican Women for the last year to reach out to younger women through their online club and brought in nationally recognized speaker Star Parker to help engage more minorities in the Republican Party.
 “I am very proud to have served as State President this past year. Our women are known throughout the state as an integral part of the Republican Party having volunteered hundreds of hours of time and made combined Federation contributions to candidates of over $53,000.”
 “I am running for State Chairman to bring my leadership and experience to the GOP. I will be a strong voice for the grassroots at our Capitol, supporting our elected officials–both financially and on the doorstep–but always be a strong reminder of the principles and platform of the Republican Party.”

Pam Pollard

" I am not a member of an organized political party...
I'm a Democrat."

 - Will Rogers

David Van Risseghem

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