Wednesday, September 9, 2015

A Monumental Solution to the Ten Commandments Monument

Can the governor put a monument on the mansion lawn?

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  Tonight we hear that a state judge has ordered the famous Capitol Ten Commandments Monuments must be removed from the state capitol grounds.

  My question is; "Would the courts ban a christmas tree from the governor's mansion using the same legal arguments?".

KFAQ reports:

Judge Orders Ten Commandments Statue be Removed Within 30 Days
OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) An Oklahoma County judge has ordered that a Ten Commandments monument on the grounds of the state Capitol be removed within 30 days.
District Judge Thomas Prince handed down the order Friday and gave state officials until October 12 to take down the 6-foot-tall granite monument.
Prince issued the ruling after denying a motion filed by Attorney General Scott Pruitt's office alleging that the Oklahoma Supreme Court's June 30 order to remove the monument expressed an unconstitutional hostility toward religion.
Read more ofthe judge's ruling, at KFAQ
  Years ago, a past Tulsa mayor ordered city firefighters to remove any holiday light decorations from their fire stations. But Senator Inhofe weighed in saying federal law guarantees the right of people living in government housing to display religious emblems on their designated government-provided living facilities. If that's so, then that would allow Gov. Fallin, at her discretion, to have lawn ornaments of this nature.
  So Move it to the Governor's mansion, stall for time while the courts start this game all over again. By that time we will have the state constitution changed.... TRUMP CARD!
David Van Risseghem

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