Thursday, September 10, 2015

A Feminist Prepares To Join The Oklahoma Legislature

  Underneath the polished campaign veneer of better schools and safer neighborhoods, the Liberal Democrats have succeeded in a coup in a special election, this week. Feminist, Cyndi Munson has grander goals of pushing an east coast liberal feminist agenda in Oklahoma.
   Munson told;
"I have made a vow to stand up for the women in Oklahoma. I need the women in Oklahoma to stand with me. The statistics alone make my blood boil. They infuriate me.....
[Women] are the very backbone of
  •  our families, 
  • school districts, 
  • religious institutions,
 and represent the progress that will be made here. That is, at least, the Oklahoma I will fight for."

Looking For A Fight 

"The future for women in Oklahoma rests on our shoulders" - Cyndi Munson
Munson went on to say;
  "I can ignore what is happening or I can stand up and help create an Oklahoma that is friendly to all of its women." 
"I am running for the Oklahoma House of Representatives because women need to be seen and heard, especially when they are faced with gross misrepresentation. When I am there, I will work on reversing these statistics. Women need to be educated on the issues and advocate for themselves. We, as women, can no longer stay seated. The future for women in Oklahoma rests on our shoulders."
David Van Risseghem
  So, the inference is that if you are not a woman, or at least a liberal, you hate women. Every liberal bill and amendment will be tied to whether Oklahoma loves or hates women.
 Get ready, Oklahoma; and particularly the conservative women in the Oklahoma legislature. The bubbly, smiling, scout leader of the campaign trail will not be the same woman you hear lobbing verbal cheapshots next February during the 2016 session.  Munson's demagoguery  will imply that you can't be friendly to women until you're a liberal. Conservative women can expect Munson to question their femininity and/or mental health. It's the gender equivalent of pulling the race card. It's been decades since we heard the overused claims of misogyny and chauvinism. Back then it originally had some merit; when Democrats controlled Oklahoma's public policy.
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