Sunday, September 20, 2015

Oklahoma Develops A Response To Quake Activity

  After years of nonresponsiveness and even banning counties from developing local policies, the Oklahoma Corporation Commission is now becoming the default regulator of the petroleum production industry.
After convincing a Guthrie area production site to shut down 2 wells earlier this summer, the Corporation Commission is now officially forcing regulations on a Cushing area site.

  Several counties have had citizens complaining of progressive damage to buildings near some injection well operations.
  After considerable controversy and conflicts of interest at the OU-based Oklahoma Geological Services (OU receives millions from oil company executives), The OGS seems to finally be speaking up and providing the science leadership that is needed. And it's not that OGS leaders didn't have concerns. Recent pressures have become very public. Rep   Jason Murphey has written extensively about this problem.
  Read more about the new regulations, here:

David Van Risseghem

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