Friday, September 25, 2015

Matt Vermillion Launches

  For years now, Matt Vermillion has been dedicated to covering Oklahoma news and politics. He's been the driving force behind the Okie Blaze.
  Two weeks ago, Matt undertook a massive effort to reform his news service.
That included;

  • a new web architecture, 
  • a new server, 
  • added journalists, 
  • a rebranding, and 
  • an added daily email service called The Bison Beat.
  • "We won’t just tell you the news that everyone else is talking about;
     but more importantly, the news that they are not talking about."
    - Matthew Vermillion is pleased to have this great team back online. But We'll let Matt tell you the rest of the new vision and what it means for the great folks of Oklahoma.
Read more at:  FortySix News, Your Oklahoma News Network

David Van Risseghem

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