Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Sometimes Votes Can't Be Bought

The $60 Votes 

 Chip Carter Spent about $60 per vote, and it wasn't enough! It appears that the voters just wanted someone to knock on their door and hear their concerns. Cyndi Munson did a lot of that. And it works, even when the candidate doesn't promise to support their views. They at least want to know that they were heard.

My friends at the Red Dirt Report added these numbers:

  Although outspent by almost $50,000, Munson captured 2,640 votes (53.7 percent) while Carter received 2,268 votes (46.2 percent). Campaign contribution reports show Carter collected $171,005 in contributions while Munson received $88,805. 
  The reports also show Carter outspent Munson, especially during the final days of the campaign. Carter spent $121,800 while Munson spent a total of $74,866.
  But on Tuesday night, the level of contributions didn’t matter.
Read the full story from the Red Dirt Report, here.
David Van Risseghem

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They at least want to know that they ere heard.

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