Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Labor Dept. Leadership Seems Supportive of Cathy Costello to Replace Mark

Gov. Fallin (center), along with  Mark and Cathy Costello, in 2013
  Earlier today, Cathy Costello released a letter of request sent to Gov. Mary Fallin. In that letter she lays out her desire to continue the legacy and work which her husband faithfully carried out for the people of Oklahoma.
  In a personal post to social media, the Labor Department's Chief Of Staff, Jim Marshall echoed Cathy's statement.  Marshall has been a key leader of the Labor Department staff since the early Days of the Brenda Reneau administration.

Marshall and Costello
    With career staffers and administrators at the Labor Department supportive of the proposed Cathy Costello appointment; it seems like a very strong bid and it will be hard for the governor to ignore the sound basis for maintaining the course of reforms that Mark worked so hard on.
  Cathy Costello's letter to the Governor's office stated;
“As you know, Mark and I have been partners in everything since the day of our marriage. Throughout our 33 years in business, we have successfully launched 8 businesses in 6 different industries with service in over sixty countries worldwide, all while raising and educating our 5 children. We have always sought to use our resources to better the lives of those around us.”
“There is still work to be done.  According to Oklahoma Statute 51.12, ‘If any officer of the state, district, county, city, town or other governmental subdivision of this state shall die while in office, and shall leave a surviving spouse, the said surviving spouse shall be eligible (if otherwise qualified) to be appointed to and to hold said office during the term for which the said officer was elected…’. In the history of our nation, and as recently as 2006, the practice known as the Widow’s Mandate has allowed 48 wives to continue the work they started with their husbands as their successors.”
 “As tragic as my experience was, it is not unique to me or my family,” 
“Currently 2 million people suffer from work related violence every year in the United States, many of which are tied to some sort of mental illness. This is only one issue that impacts the workplace. One-in-five Oklahomans suffer from some type of mental illness that affects their ability to provide for their loved ones. We currently rank second in the nation for mental illness and it is one of the greatest challenges to our state economy.”
“After the countless conversations with you, and the support of many citizens, the support offered by state and federal officials, as well as my business partner and brother-in-law Richard Costello and business leaders around the state, I formally ask that you allow me to finish the work that we started together.” 
There has not been a response from the governor's office, at the time of this posting.
David Van Risseghem

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Mark and I have been partners in everything since the day of our marriage.

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