Monday, January 11, 2016

Trump Questions Apostle Paul's Roman Citizenship

Trump: "It's a problem and he needs to deal with it before we go any further".

[WARNING: sarcasm content contained in report]
  Donald Trump, today; disclosed claims that the Apostle Paul's Roman citizenship "is problematic".
  The businessman & reality tv star (now a politician) has uncovered documents that imply that the religious leader was not born in Rome. According to Trump's assertion, Paul was actually born in the Cilician town of Tarsus, as the son of a prominent Jewish family.
  Trump further claims that the issue was deliberately cloaked by Paul, through changing his name. He says that the religious leader's actual legal name is 'Saul'. Trump claims to have uncovered a journal from a Greek physician and historian named Luke. The journal, referred to by insiders as "The Acts of The Apostles"; states that in Paul's own words he claims to have been born in Tarsus but into a family of Roman citizens.
Apostle Paul claims various citizenships and nationalities
 But what remains unexplained is, "How a Jewish family can claim Roman citizenship?".

  Further research seems to support Trumps claim, in that a Roman centurion stationed in Jerusalem reported that Paul made conflicting citizenship claims when he had arrested Paul and ordered him beaten for a public disturbance.
  Trump claims that Even King Felix agrees that Paul needs to have this issue resolved before continuing his quest for leadership in high office.

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