Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Greater Pushmataha Republicans Meet

  In the heart of "Little Dixie", a room full of strong Republicans are making an impact on an area of the state where Republicans often kept quiet for fear of social retribution. 

Straw Poll

  Cruz took 50% of the support in todays straw poll. Trump followed with 35%. Last year, Huckabee and Walker were the top 2.

Country style

  Things are done on a small scale, here. But the process is genuine. My Tulsa County acclimatization is truly refreshed by being here. These conservatives actually need each other. No one is pushing their neighbor away. This group has a healthy diversity and it doesn't threaten any of them. They haven't lost sight of the fact that they are on the same team.

Red To The Roots
Red To The Roots

Denise and Richard Engle

  Denise and Richard Engle are here to present the OKGOP's RED TO THE ROOTS strategy for local victory. We'll have much to elaborate on that program.

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