Monday, January 11, 2016

Dr. Tom Coburn: An Open Letter To Oklahoma's Legislature

After serving in both houses of congress, Dr. Coburn diagnoses
an institutional illness and prescribes an effective treatment.
  Former Senator Tom Coburn, understands the problems in Washington better than anyone, Here is a recent letter he wrote to the Oklahoma legislature.
 Dear Oklahoma Legislator,
I am proud to be an Oklahoman, and I was proud to represent our state during my time in the United States Senate. One of the biggest lessons I learned during that time was that our federal government is like a runaway freight train. It will continue to overstep its constitutional boundaries and usurp more and more of states’ rights and individual liberties until someone or something stops it.
  Under Article V of the Constitution, you are the ones empowered to stop it, through a state-led convention for proposing amendments. Only through formal amendments can the states put effective checks on judicial activism, reject the damage that has been done to the Constitution through creative “interpretations” of some of its provisions, and impose meaningful fiscal restraints on Washington.

"They want you, instead, to be afraid. Afraid of having a meeting with the other states to work out solutions to our national crisis."

  I know that there are those who would discourage you from using your constitutional power to restore our nation. They want you, instead, to be afraid. Afraid of having a meeting with the other states to work out solutions to our national crisis. Afraid of the Constitution. Afraid of a process that was unanimously supported by our Founding Fathers at the Philadelphia Convention, because they knew that the states would one day need to use it to restore the balance of power among the national government, the states, and the people.
Senator Standridge, of Blanchard is a
pharmacist serving in the Oklahoma
legislature. He is carrying an Oklahoma
bill to address the effective treatment
  I am attaching two documents that respond to the misguided claims made by those who want you to be afraid.
  As an Oklahoman, I implore you: let courage and knowledge—not fear—be your guide. Please take a stand for liberty on behalf of future Americans by supporting Senator Standridge's Convention of States legislation in 2016. 
Sen Tom Coburn (Retired)
Document 1

Document 2

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