Thursday, January 28, 2016

Citizen Cosponsors Invited To The Effort to Reform Asset Forfeiture

  Senator Kyle Loveless is deeply committed to the cause of Asset Forfeiture reform. During the last few weeks of last Spring, and through the summer & autumn; Loveless has poured significant time, resources, and significant political capital into the cause.

 The concerned citizens of Oklahoma are now being asked to join Senator Loveless as "cosponsors" of his senate bill.
By signing up at The Asset Reform Cosponsorship Registry, individuals can express their resolve on this issue.

Sen. Kyle Loveless
The Cosponsor Form
  Perhaps not since the Common Core resistance, has there been such passion in Oklahoma to roll back government overreach, in the state legislature.

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“An agency shouldn’t be able to grow its budget based on how much property it takes ,"

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