Tuesday, January 26, 2016

OKGOP Sets March 12 To Elect A Vice Chair

Vice Chair Vacancy

The OKGOP State Committee's next meeting will be convened on March 12th to select a Vice Chairman for the remainder of the current term. the vacancy was brought about by the sudden resignation of embattled former vice chairman, Estella Hernandez.  She has chosen to resign subsequent to her new job at the OCPA thinktank. This completes the process of establishing a new party leadership team and moving on from the disastrous contentions of 2015.  A location has not yet been announced, for this meeting.
A Quorum is essential to completing this task.
Denise & Richard Engle
If your local party official or Republican lawmaker cannot attend, be sure to ask them to sign a proxy authorization, so you may attend in their place.

Candidate Talk

Only one serious potential candidate is being talked about. The former national director of the Federation of Republican Assemblies; Richard and his wife, Denise, live in northern Oklahoma City. As a businessman, author and educator, Richard has advance constitutional values and grassroots activism. His wife is a former e Workers' Compensation Commissioner.

Our Take

Richard would be an ideal person to have in this role. His dedication to the party and it's conservative principles is unquestioned. He is currently serving the party at the request of Chairman Pollard; delivering the "Red To The Roots" presentations and training at county GOP organizations. Sooner Politics is fully convinced that Engle is a good fit to fill the role on Pollard's team. As the Red To The Roots event comes near your community, please take the opportunity to hear this message of the OKGOP and get to know Mr. Engle better.

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