Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Red to the Roots

A conservative answer to a century of liberal local policies

by Richard Engle
  Would it surprise you to hear that only 45% of partisan elected officials in Oklahoma are Republicans?

Upcoming Dates
Thurs, Jan 28,  7 PM
 Rogers County
416 Brady, Claremore

Sat, JAN 301 PM
Pushmataha County
500 E Main, Antlers

Mon, Feb 1, 6:30pm
Cotton County
406 W.Ohio, Walters

Thurs, FEB 47 PM
Ottawa County
County Courthouse Annex

Mon FEB 87 PM
Garvin County
Christian Life Church
820 S Walnut St, Pauls Valley

Thurs, FEB 11, 6 PM 
Sooner Republican Assembly
Earl's Rib Palace 
920 SW 25th St, Moore

Mon, FEB 157 PM
McIntosh County
Eufaula Memorial Library
301 1st St, Eufaula

Wed, FEB 17, 11 AM
Creek County
Steak & Eggs
1112 E Taft Ave, Sapulpa

Thurs, FEB 18, 6 PM
Mayes County
JL's Barbeque
5501 S Mill St, Pryor Creek

Sat, FEB 209 AM
Garfield County
401 N Oakwood, Enid

Tue, FEB 238 AM
Woodward County
Great Plains Tech Center,
3921 34th St, Woodward

Sat, FEB 2710 AM
Canadian County
South Yukon church of Christ
11700 NW 10th St, Yukon

Mon, FEB 297 PM
LeFlore County
Simple Simons Pizza
1703 N Broadway St, Poteau

Sat, Mar 5, 9am
Muskogee County
Muskogee Public Library
800 W Okmulgee St

Sat, Mar 5, 10:30AM
Wagoner County
Church of God of Prophecy
123 W Sycamore St, Coweta

Thurs, Mar 10, 7pm
Pottawattamie County
678 Kickapoo Spur, Shawnee

Mon, Mar 14, 6:30pm
Cherokee County
Armory Municipal Ctr.
100 N Water St, Tahlequah

Sat, Mar 19, 2pm
Osage County
(location tba)

Sat, Apr 16, 9am
5th Dist. Convention
Gordon Cooper Tech.

1 John C Bruton Dr, Shawnee
  Despite having 100% of our federal delegation, and our statewide offices, as well as strong supermajorities in our state legislature, most elected officials who run under a party moniker are still Democrats!

This is true because most partisan elected officials in the state are at the county level.

  In December the Oklahoma Republican State Committee was presented with a new strategic initiative called Red to the Roots.  In introducing it, OKGOP Chair Pam Pollard said, “Red to the Roots is not a new program, but a new name and a new energy.”  During the tenure of Matt Pinnell as OKGOP Chair, I launched an initial and limited effort for the state party to overtly aid Republican nominees for county office.  We helped five Republican nominees running for Democrat held seats and won three of them. Red to the Roots is a revived and invigorated version of that effort.

  Upon becoming Oklahoma Republican Chair, Pollard found that some other state party organizations were engaged to assist local Republican candidates.  Tennessee and South Carolina named the outreach work "Red to the Roots." We will use their name and experience and combine it with our previous positive experience to create what we hope will be the strongest increase of Republican victories in county and other local offices.
Conservative ideas work at every level of government, and it's long past time for us to concentrate on the area of government that often has the greatest impact on the daily lives of Oklahomans.

Learn more at https://goo.gl/bP7rfc
  As a former local city councilmember, I am familiar with employing conservative ideas in local government. I'm pleased that Rep. Mike Sanders will serve as Vice Chair. Also on the Red to the Roots committee are Canadian County Commissioner Marc Hader, Cleveland County Commissioner Rod Cleveland, Payne County Clerk Glenna Hall Craig, Republican Third Congressional District Chair Celia Lanham, Tulsa County Vice Chair Joanne Tyree, and Oklahoma City businessman G. Dewayne McAnally.  As Jack Welch said, "The team with the best players, wins." I believe we have the best team to lead this effort.

Only 35% of county elected officials in Oklahoma are Republican. 

  Too many people suggest that these local offices should not be partisan.  They think that they are administrative positions without any conservative vs. liberal dynamic. They could not be more wrong!  If you're spending taxpayer money and hiring people with that money you are making conservative or liberal decisions. Our voters are conservative, our federal delegation, our statewide elected officials and our legislature are overwhelmingly Republican, but we haven’t yet fully made the connection between conservative Republican ideals and the important work being done at the local level.
Richard Engle, in a recent presentation
to the Tulsa County Republicans

  As said by the arch liberal Van Jones, "personnel is policy."  I would suggest that it’s pretty clear that public spending is policy as well.  A conservative Republican will be able to break free from the subtle corruption of long term local habits and reform local government into something that represents a pro-growth, limited government, low tax, individual liberty, rule of law form which Oklahoma voters have long been calling for at the state and federal level.

  Red to the Roots is first an awareness campaign, and then it will move into a funding and assistance mode as the election cycle approaches.  Red to the Roots has a presentation the committee intends to take into every county of the state in 2016.

To invite the Red to the Roots presentation to your Republican party meeting, conservative club or Tea Party meeting, contact:
 Richard Engle at Engle@RedToTheRoots.org 
or by phone to 405.640.9219.
  Then we will recruit the largest class of highly qualified candidates for these offices and we intend for our nominees to win!  As the voters begin to discover that the liberal tendencies of Democrats extend to local office, I expect that they will eagerly support a change that has been a long time coming.  I also expect that some conservative Democrats in local office will find the courage to switch to the Republican Party as they see that our party reflects their views far better than the Democrat party.

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  1. David, thanks for sharing; Richard thanks for taking on this huge and important initiative! Blessings to you in the effort. Prayers for its success./sc