Friday, August 14, 2015

Video Coverage Of Ted Cruz Rally, In Tulsa

Video Of The Entire Event is available here
  KFAQ Radio provided a live mobile video feed of the Big Ted Cruz campaign rally, at Tulsa's Union High Performing Arts Center. Pat Campbell emceed the event which included Jim Bridenstine and several elected officials.
  As an added bonus, Senator Anthony Sykes can be seen directly in front of the cameraman. (His mother would be proud of his stellar behavior and manners)

  So if you didn't get a seat, or your busy schedule kept you away, here's the speech Ted gave for the 3200 who did show up.

Pat Campbell spent a good part of his Friday morning radio show talking about the event. Listen to his podcast, here:
Update: the KFAQ video is at:

David Van Risseghe
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  1. do you have an alternative link for the video - this one says expired?