Monday, August 24, 2015

Reports Of Mark Costello's Deadly Conflict With Eldest Son

WARNING: Detailed description of violent attack.

"Sources say Costello’s son had reached out to his parents and asked them to meet him at the restaurant.
Police say it started inside the Braum’s with the suspect stabbing the victim and then proceded outside.
Patrick Spencer was driving on May when he saw someone he thought had been shot.
“We got a closer look and there was a guy chasing him with a knife,” said Spencer. “It was shocking and dramatic.” Spencer says the men circled the building a couple of times. He watched while he called 9-1-1.
“It was very cold you know the way he was walking after the victim. There was never any rush to the entire thing. There was another woman involved. We assume that’s his wife of the victim. She was running after them. But it was a very brisk walk type run,” said Spencer “At one point, the suspect stabbed the victim in the head. We saw that in front of us.”
“He was pretty bloody and the wife was trying to get him in their vehicle to get him away from the suspect.” Spencer said.

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David Van Risseghem

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