Monday, August 24, 2015

RNC Relents: Feb 26 Debate Moves To Texas

RNC Chairman Priebus quietly changed the February 26th debate to Texas. No explanation was published.
  Of the massive number of GOP Presidential Debates, none of the original RNC venues were planned for the Traditional South. In January, the list stated that the Feb. 26th debate would be held in Florida. Even though Florida's primary was the better part of a month later, in the latter half of March.
1. Fox News
    August 2015
2. CNN
    September 2015
    October 2015
4. Fox Business
    November 2015
5. CNN
    December 2015
6. Fox News
    January 2016
7. ABC News
    February 2016
    New Hampshire
8. CBS News
    February 2016
    South Carolina
9. NBC/Telemundo
    February 2016 
The original RNC debate schedule (released Jan., 2015)

  But Feb 26th is in the final weekend prior to the traditional South's Super Tuesday. Sooner Politics and other publications complained that this appears to be an attempt at thwarting the political voice & power of social conservatives by putting the candidates in from of a Florida audience who would be more friendly to Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio.
  Evidently the RNC has quietly changed their minds and is now selecting a Texas venue to host the NBC/Telemundo production. On June 3rd they issued  this update:
9. February 26, 2016
    Aired On: NBC-Mundo
    Location: Houston, TX
10. March, 2016*
      Fox News
      Aired On: Fox News
      Location: TBD
11. March 10, 2016
      Aired On: CNN
      Location: Florida
The August-2015 updated debate schedule

Who Wins?

 The social conservatives in the race will likely benefit from the midwestern issues and the Texas venue.
  The social conservatives in the race will likely benefit from the midwestern issues and the Texas venue. Texas candidates (there are 3 with Texas ties) will also enjoy a friendly home crowd. But NBC and Telemundo are not the most sympathetic host. It is set up to be perhaps the most hostile exchange between liberal media and the candidates. Get your tickets early. This is going to be a huge event.
David Van Risseghem

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