Sunday, August 30, 2015

Senate Judiciary Chairman Bans Opponents Of Forfeiture Abuse From Remote Tulsa Event

Updated Aug 31 9:21am
  After ignoring questions from senators and media, Senate Judiciary Chairman, Anthony Sykes, decided to push forward with plans to hold his committee's interim study at the rural Tulsa county law enforcement installation. Several law agencies are resisting the reforms called for by Senator Kyle Loveless,who authored a bill this year which would hold law agencies accountable for taking property from people not charged with any crime.

  On the mere suspicion of a link to statutory violations, law enforcement agencies have confiscated vast wealth and left vulnerable Oklahomans with the task of hiring costly legal council to undertake the burden of proving that they are innocent and their property should be returned. Often cops take the very cash that a lawyer would be hired with, thereby making it impossible to construct a legal case. Elderly and mentally challenged Oklahomans are particularly disadvantaged by these "peace officers".
  In a rather bizarre move, Chairman Sykes (rumored to be eyeing the Attorney General's office in 2018), decided Friday that he would still hold the event at the Tulsa Police Academy, but no longer allow proponents of reform to make presentations of their constitutional case against depriving citizens of property without due process of law.
   In fact, Sykes cancelled the morning portion of the "study" which was devoted to reform proponents. He retained the full afternoon schedule which was devoted to defenders of the current practices.  It remains puzzling how this taxpayer-funded legislative effort can justify only letting one side of the issue be heard. If this is truly a study, then why not study the issue without bias?
  Privately, some political operatives have make remarks suggesting that Senator Sykes is going to great lengths to secure the political endorsement and support of law enforcement and prosecutors.
David Van Risseghem

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  1. So if there is no opposing is that a real Interim study? we already know what they are going to say. The D.A.s and law enforcement need to hear the people who have been abused to understand what we are complaining about! Law enforcement officers think that people don't try to get theit money back because they are guilty of something. NO! What would you do if you had to travel back and forth to New Your 10 times, spend over 10 grand, to TRY to get back the two thousand they took from you!

  2. I predict vigorous, organized opposition from his own party should Senator Sykes decide to run for AG. Not fit for the office.