Monday, August 3, 2015

Sheriff Edwards Advocates Curtailing First Amendment Applications

Canadian County Sheriff, Randall Edwards
  credit: Tim Farley, Red Dirt Report
  The Oath Keepers Summit in Mustang drew several veterans and liberty activists, this Sunday. The event had it's share of conflicting messages and messengers. Here's a snippet from Tim Farley, of the Red Dirt Report:
“People who were burning the American flag should have been thrown in jail,” 
 - Sheriff Randall Edwards
"Edwards, known for his opposition to a legislative proposal that would change Oklahoma’s civil asset forfeiture laws, apparently doesn’t believe in the First Amendment.
Edwards called for Westboro Baptist Church members and those who burn the flag, to be jailed. He also said war protesters and those who are critical of the military “shouldn’t be allowed in this country.”
“People who were burning the American flag should have been thrown in jail,” he said, a comment that drew a thunderous ovation. “People who fly any flag above the American flag should be put in jail for treason.”
Edwards also said Westboro Baptist Church members who protested outside a soldier’s funeral in Mustang would have been jailed if he had been in town.
Changing the subject to religion, Edwards said the United States was founded on God and Christianity “and no heathen religion.”
  Edwards has a very public dispute with those who want to curb  his authority to seize assets under federal civil forfeiture practices. And he insists that he should get to decide what happens with that loot. 

David Van Risseghem

Read Tim Farley's full report at The Red Dirt Report
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