Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Tulsa County GOP Prepares For A Presidential Primary Ahead

  Last night (June 8th), the Tulsa County GOP Executive Committee met to plan out several upcoming activities and organizational matters.
  The group of nearly 40 GOP faithful met at Hardesty Regional Library for what will be a monthly tradition. Chairman Ford and Vice Chair Tyree have an ambitious goal of expanding both fundraising and reform for the Tulsa GOP.
  The old tradition of a Summer BBQ at McGraw's south Tulsa landmark event center (The Barn, at 108th & Louisville) is being planned for later this month. Ford's expertise in the restaurant business was obvious and he detailed some logistical issues that a less knowledgeable group would have overlooked. The event goal is to raise $20K for the county GOP.  The Executive Committee members are each asked to recruit a sponsor for the BBQ, so that overhead costs are covered and 100% of the ticket sales are clear profit to the Tulsa County GOP.
  The Legislative delegation from Tulsa County is still a key source of party funding, but Ford mentioned a desire to emulate the OKGOP's Minuteman Club. That club membership involves a minimal commitment of $8.25 per month for a year. It's an effort toward grassroots involvement in party funding. Members occasionally receive discounts to OKGOP events.
    Ford mentioned his ad-hoc "Sub Action" committees and said he is preparing to launch a couple of them. Some will be launched later.
  Ford pledged neutrality and equitable assistance in the presidential primary activity. He said a log is already being kept at the headquarters regarding local and state campaigns for each GOP presidential hopeful.
  The Tulsa State Fair Booth is already in the planning stage.
  Ford asked Josh Lewis to present the financial state of the Tulsa County GOP. Josh had an excellent presentation which used graphs and simple language to communicate the budget very well. Hat tip to Josh for not putting the crowd to sleep with endless mind-numbing numbers.
  The meeting then turned to input and new business. Prolife activist,Tony Lauinger, asked if there was any sense of party position regarding the Low Water Dam proposal. Ford made an excellent response by stating that the County Committee of the Tulsa GOP (a large group of all precinct chairs & vice chairs) would be the appropriate body to make a party position on a political matter.
  Former chair, Don Burdick and activist David Arnett each presented a personal perspective on the bond proposal, but Burdick emphasized that the Executive Committee is strictly an advisory committee to the chairmanship. Ford concurred and added that he will not claim to speak for 120,000 Republican voters on matters other than the clear platform positions of the county. He reiterated the role of the County Committee to address party position where a clear consensus is evident.
  Burdick further elaborated that Ford also serves as the public face of the county GOP and as such, needs to be seen in the most favorable light.
The Tulsa GOP Executive Committee will generally meet on the first Monday of each month.
  The discussion of open meeting policy was also brought up by Arnett. Ford mentioned that while the meeting is not closed unless a "executive session" vote is called to discuss a sensitive matter; guests and the public are not allowed to address the group unless specifically called upon by the chair.
  After the meeting I visited with Mike Ford and asked about his campaign promise of quarterly meetings of the Tulsa County Committee. He acknowledged the commitment and agreed with the importance of addressing that matter, soon. He said he wants to have some of his Sub Action work ready to present to the County Committee when they meet.  We'll report any developments on that issue as soon as they are known.

David Van Risseghem

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