Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Brinkley Questions

Tulsa County Senator, Rick Brinkley
  The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation is currently working a case involving The Tulsa Better Business Bureau and Senator Rick Brinkley. The case involves at least a couple of separate-yet-related issues.
  At the heart of the matter is a dispute about the nature of a nearly $50K transfer of money that happened this past April.


  Brinkley is an ORU and Langston University graduate who has been a pastor, counselor, and business executive. KJRH News reports From `1999 to 2011 Brinkley was the C.O.O. of Tulsa Better Business Bureau. In 2011 Brinkley assumed duties at the legislature. His association with the Tulsa BBB ended this spring when the results of the BBB board's audit indicated some sort of discrepancy of nearly $50K. 

Brinkley, former COO of Tulsa Better Business Bureau

Audits and Fallout

  This led to Brinkley's reported termination and Brinkley issuing the Tulsa BBB a check for the disputed amount. Many unanswered questions remain about the nature of that discrepancy, and this is perhaps the most difficult issue for Brinkley to address in a convincing manner.

Questionable Checkwriting

  Brinkley claims that he has multiple checking accounts which use very similar-looking checks. He says that he wrote the big check using his re-election campaign fund acct, but intended to be paying the nearly $50K with some other account he manages. He says he noticed the error very shortly after, and he notified the Oklahoma Ethics Commission. He says they guided him through a process of correcting the error and he believes he has fully complied with the Ethics Commission regarding the matter.

Where is this going?

Brinkley spent many years pastoring a small town church

  The OSBI has notified the Tulsa District Attorney's Office and it is possible that the OSBI will seek an indictment. Senator Kyle Loveless does not expect Brinkley to be facing any serious legal matter. But the political fallout may be a different scenario. Grand Jury testimony can result in political damage which does not include an equal opportunity to rebut, even if an indictment doesn't happen.
If nothing negative is revealed, then Senator Brinkley deserves a completely restored reputation.
  Almost everyone seems shocked by the insinuations involved. If nothing negative is revealed, then Senator Brinkley deserves a completely restored reputation. Sadly, there is not state agency who can repair sullied reputations.
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David Van Risseghem

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