Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Senator Dahm's Annual Uncensored Legislative Report

A brutally frank assessment of legislative matters.

  Every 3rd Tuesday, the Tulsa Area Republican Assembly meets at the Golden Corral Steakhouse, in south Tulsa. This month featured the anticipated senatorial review by the youngest member of the Tulsa County delegation.
  It was a great evening with the one & only Senator Nathan Dahm​. He gave us very useful information on the results of the 2015 Oklahoma Legislature and what to expect in the months to come.  He had the boldness to call some bills 'stupid' and the courage to stand up for bills he is proud of.
  He called on 'a lame duck governor' to begin reforming the school district bureaucracy in a way that keeps schools in communities who draw their identity and community spirit in the way they support local education.
  He continued his efforts to restore local control in dealing with local issues.  Dahm says his guiding motto is to maintain his ideals and principles while keeping his expectations realistic.
  He made a frank assessment of the  narrative from some Oklahomans calling for more money to fix county roads in rural Oklahoma.
  "County roads are a county matter and should be taken up with county governments", he said. "If the state has a maxed-out 'Rainy Day' fund, then the state may choose to grant money to counties, but otherwise the counties should prioritize their spending to care for their own roads".
The Senate Adopted the 'Alabama' model of budgeting and assessing needs, this year.
  On State Question 777, Nathan said; "Last year that bill was awful and I killed it. This year they reworked it and I'm proud to support it.". The "Right To Farm" bill, as it's being pitched; is an effort to limit the state & federal restrictions that leave farmland and assets unusable in agricultural ventures.
  While House members have derided their budget process, the senate has been remarkably open and inclusive, according to Dahm.
  Nathan shared some rumors of a blossoming House battle for the next speakership. He knows of 5 members who are vying for the title and power..
David Van Risseghem

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