Thursday, June 18, 2015

National Earthquake Report: Oklahoma Needs Leadership

  The National Geological Survey issued a more clear statement about the Oklahoma phenomena of earthquake activity.
David Van Risseghem

   Their unambiguous statement does spare fracking from any significant blame in the recent unprecedented mass of quakes. That is good news for exploration and new opportunities to tap into our rich resources.
"the evidence is mounting that the seismicity in many of
these locations is induced by the deep injection of fluids from
nearby oil and gas operations."
  But the safe disposal of waste water which inevitably comes up to the surface along with the crude oil... that is the real issue to contend with.  Treating saltwater for release into the watershed is an expensive alternative which will hinder the expansion of the industry.
  Currently, the producers have been pouring that oil back down into abandoned wells and other failed wells. According to the National Geological Survey, the Oklahoma Geological Survey has not been forthcoming with these real facts and overwhelming data.  The national office calls for an oversight process that studies data and perhaps curtails the volume of waste saltwater that can be dumped into holes near volatile  geological formations and fault lines.
  The only meaningful legislation which came out of the 2015 Oklahoma session was a prohibition on counties and municipalities from taking matters into their own hands to protect their people and infrastructure. The people are still waiting for state leadership to present a comprehensive response to this matter.
  Meanwhile, the state benefits greatly from energy enterprises and so do political campaigns.
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