Sunday, June 7, 2015

Tulsa BBB Charges Brinkley For $1Million In Damages

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Civil Suit

  Lawyers for the Tulsa Better Business Bureau on Friday afternoon, filed a civil suit against their 15-year corporate officer, Senator Rick L. Brinkley. The charges are quite specific and detailed.
  The heart of the suit states that Brinkley created some corporate entities for the local BBB to make regular payments to, as though they were vendors providing services to the local chapter. But in the court filing, the attorneys and their clients contend that the corporate "vendors" were just shell entities for credit card accounts. Those accounts, they contend; were not authorized by the corporate board of the Tulsa BBB. Essentially they contend that Senator Brinkley opened credit card accounts in the name of the Tulsa Better Business Bureau, but used the credit lines to pay several bills unrelated to the Tulsa Better Business Bureau.

  Other charges against Brinkley still remain unsubstantiated in the filing, but we have not yet entered the "discovery phase" or litigation; whereby several exhibits are expected to be presented in the case. The suit alleges that Brinkley has a gambling addiction, but they did not yet provide evidence to back up that claim, nor establish what it has to do with their case against him. Unless they have evidence, Brinkley may have a counter claim of libel against them, just on that point.
  Is this early civil filing unusual? Some would say this is intended to be an effort at political damage at a time when potential candidates for the senate seat are organizing and arranging funding for a possible challenge to Brinkley's seat in the state senate. Brinkley was widely rumored to be a strong candidate in the Senate Pro Temp race, to lead the next Oklahoma Senate elections, when Brian Bingman's leadership ends.

Criminal Investigation

 The Tulsa BBB seaks actual, punitive, and injunctive relief
  The Oklahoma Bureau of Investigation is actively studying this matter and compiling evidence. The Tulsa BBB asserts that they are assisting the OSBI. Potential criminal proceedings may result from this investigation, since the heart of the civil suit is based upon an alleged long-term and repeated claim of embezzlement, which is both a criminal and civil matter. But civil litigation usually comes after criminal proceedings are completed.
David Van Risseghem

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