Saturday, June 13, 2015

Congressman Jim Bridenstine's 40th birthday party

  Jim Bridenstine's 40th birthday party had a special guest, today.  Sen. Ted Cruz flew in and shared some great stories of their joint efforts in Washington. Foster Friess also flew in and celebrated.
  I took these photos at the special reception and press conference/photo op. Afterwards we all went over to the Tulsa Air & Space Museum for the 40th Birthday Party. Ted also spoke there.

Ted and Jim met with a special group of supporters
 at Atlantic Aviation's hangar. Ted has devoted
 the day to Connecting with the Oklahoma voters
and talking about common goals for national reform.

While not endorsing Cruz (He said it's
 just too early for him to) , Congressman
 Bridenstine did say that if Ted Cruz were
president, America would be in good

The two lawmakers said Texas and Oklahoma 
agree on pretty much everything except football.

I was having a nice discussion with Foster, then Jim
and Ted arrived and joined us. Then the media
scurried to the photo op and I backed out.
Jim said he found a friend and ally very early in his
Washington tenure. They have collaborated of key
legislation for economic reform and energy policy.
Foster Friess and I had a great discussion
about Rick Santorum. Look for Foster to
continue to back Rick, based upon the
things Foster seemed very resolved about.
Foster may be the wealthiest man I'll ever
meet, and he might also be one of the most
Unlike Washington politicians, Foster gives
generously of his own hard-earned money
instead of the taxpayers'.

I don't recall what point foster was making, but he
and Ted are close allies on many key issues. This
photo doesn't look as friendly as the discussion
actually was.

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  1. Congratulation Mr. Jim for your 40th birthday!! Well, everything looks awesome and I think everyone enjoyed this party. Anyways, I want to throw a surprise birthday party for my father and looking for some party halls in Boston MA. Can you help me out?