Friday, June 26, 2015

Hernandez Caught In Her Own Trap

Hernandez had been a rising star in the OKGOP.
  The News Director of KFAQ Radio, in Tulsa, has listened to the recording of the OKGOP Wednesday staff meeting. The recording was provided by OKGOP Chairman Randy Brogdon, released privately to the station in response to Pat Campbell's direct questions asked on-air, in a Thursday  morning interview. 
  News Director Tami Marler and the morning talk crew all agree that the recording does NOT support Hernandez' accusations of Brogdon, as they were posted to a severely discredited web blog.
Listen to the post-interview discussion
 They further assert that Hernandez has violated her role in leadership by not properly and consistently aiding and assisting the chairman, as the OKGOP rules mandate to her.

Listen to the wrap up of the June 26th interview that Pat Campbell had with Hernandez.

  The failed attempt by Estela Hernandez, to throw the OKGOP Chairman under the bus will have grave consequences for her, as she has undermined both her credibility and her party's trust in her obsequious rouse. The KFAQ Pat Campbell team and contributors strongly state that for a vice chairman to join a public protest designed to excoriate her chief executive, is a very serious breach of her duties and organizational trust. 
  An aging blogger and former media professional claims Hernandez sent out an email following a Wednesday staff meeting at the OKGOP: Pat Campbell reports that the email has since been edited since it's first posting on a public blog. Here's the posted version that appears as of Friday at 10am...
"Republican Party Vice Chair Estela Hernandez this afternoon sent this email:
'Good afternoon all,
  It is an honor to serve as Vice Chair and work in the best interest of the OK Republican Party. It had also been a pleasure working with our elected Chairman, Randy Brogdon until today.
  As you are aware, a very public press conference took place against the issue of Domestic Violence today at the State Capitol. As an appointed Commissioner on the Oklahoma Commission on the Status of Women, I attended in support of women who have been affected by this issue.
  Following the press conference, I went to GOP HQ for a staff meeting with Randy. Instead of a staff meeting, it was a heated discussion between him and I. He proceeded to tell me the reason he is keeping me out of any communication and involvement in the party is because I’m not fulfilling my duties as Vice Chair. That my duties are to “aid and assist the State Chairman in all of his duties and to carry out the agenda of the Chairman.”
The failed attempt by Estela Hernandez, to throw the OKGOP Chairman under the bus will have grave consequences for her as she has undermined both her credibility and her party's trust; in her obsequious rouse. 
  He feels I should not speak out against his decisions to keep TC Ryan on staff. And consequently, states that he will not approve any of my speaking engagements to any of the counties and refuses to do any future travel reimbursements to the Vice Chair. He’s angry that I spoke my mind and told the facts on how the OKGOP is being administered and how I’m being excluded from any involvement, when asked at the OK County Executive Committee meeting. Please note that my answer was in response to concerns from individuals not receiving party information.
  In our staff meeting, he mentioned he had not received any resolutions from anyone. Since I was at the press conference and I was headed to headquarters, I brought OK County’s resolution and hand delivered it to Randy. After the delivery of the resolution, he stormed off and ended the meeting by saying “This further proves my point you are not fulfilling the duties of Vice Chair.”
  I will not let this incident discourage me. I will continue to work hard on behalf of the OK Republican Party and fulfill the duties I was elected to do. If you have any questions or need to contact me, please feel free to call my cell 405-209-5664.
Estela Hernandez
State Vice Chair
Oklahoma Republican Party' "
Listen to the latest KFAQ radio interviews here:

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  1. I am on the state committee and did not receive this email from Mrs. Hernandez. I know she has it since I received many from her when she was campaigning.