Monday, June 29, 2015

Rand Paul Commits To OKGOP Fundraiser Event

Presidential candidate, Sen. Rand Paul, with  Rep, JC Watts
  OKGOP Chairman, Randy Brogdon, told the State Committee on Saturday that he received a recent call and offer from presidential candidate, Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky. Rand stated his desire to help the OKGOP with a planned fundraiser event. The date and venue are yet to be announced, but many expect it to occur within the next few months. Former Oklahoma Congressman, JC Watts could possibly join him.
  Rand Paul opted out of the SRLC event and he has been very selective in his participation at the weekly 'multi-candidate' forums that have become a cottage industry.  Some candidates rely on these photo ops because they need the built-in crowds and infrastructure. But some candidates have taken more time to build their own campaign structures and would rather not help create a crowd at a forum, for lessers to pitch to.
Senator Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz quickly arranged a 'make up' luncheon for the OKGOP in June, while he was in-state to support Congressman Bridenstine's commemorative events.
 Sooner Politics commits to covering presidential campaign visits to Oklahoma, as their details are made available.  

OKGOP Chairman Randy Brogdon
  Chairman Brogdon has had a string of hugely successful fundraising events and campaign drives. The  Minuteman Club has tripled, The SRLC Gala sold out even with the many challenges and candidate problems (headliner, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas had to stay in Washington that night). Randy moved quickly to secure Ben Carson and that resulted in Carson's base scrambling to snatch up tickets, to the point that 'ticket-scalping' was rumored.

The OKGOP is once again solvent and operational
  The OKGOP reported Saturday that the Brogdon Administration took the organization from a deficit of tens of thousands of dollars, and within 6 weeks it was solvent and now has tens of thousands available.
  Brogdon has done this with a staff of less than half what the previous administration utilized. He and his team received no pay for their fist six weeks of service.

David Van Risseghem

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