Thursday, April 27, 2017

Will Oklahoma Delegation Vote For Repeal Of ObamaCare

   With the 'shoe on the other foot', the House Freedom Caucus members are urging their moderate counterparts in the 'Tuesday Morning Caucus' to get on board and keep the promise of the Republican Party, to finally repeal the onerous ObamaCare legislation.

  Last month we heard from loud moderates in Oklahoma who trashed the Freedom Caucus for not supporting a less comprehensive reform of ObamaCare.

 We wonder if there will be a similar treatment of the Tuesday Morning Moderates?

  It's Thursday night and not one of the 7 member Oklahoma Delegation has given any indication. Every one of them campaigned on a promise of full repeal.

  We're watching and keeping score. we hope all 7 of the delegation will make their fellow Oklahomans proud by standing in support of this effort.
Some Sooner apologists for the least conservative delegates wrote some brutal criticisms of the Freedom Caucus for blocking a partial reform package. We'll see if those same critics are as harsh on the Tuesday Morning Moderates?

from Sooner - Editorial

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