Sunday, April 30, 2017

Pollard's Mistake Leads To Pruitt's Exit

  OKGOP Chair, Pam Pollard had scheduled EPA Director Scott Pruitt to be the keynote speaker at the State Republican Gala in Moore on May 5, according to an invitation sent out by the party. The event is meant to be a fundraiser for the OKGOP.
   Pruitt said the event was approved by the EPA’s ethics counsel. But Pruitt said it was instead, an error on the part of the OKGOP and Chairman Pam Pollard, that violated the law.

“What happened was the folks that invited me sent out an invitation post that didn’t comply with federal law and federal ethics law. So we're not going to be able to attend,” Pruitt told FoxNews Radio host Brian Kilmeade Thursday morning.

​  Environmental Protection Agency Administrator and Former Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt will not be appearing at a Republican gala next week, he said Thursday morning on conservative radio. His decision to withdraw comes amid an accusation his appearance would violate federal law.
  Pruitt’s withdrawal follows an accusation and formal complaint from Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) who alleged earlier in the week, Pruitt’s attendance violated the Hatch Act. The Act puts limits certain kinds of political activity in which executive branch employees can engage, including using their position in federal office in exchange for political contributions, according to the Office of Special Counsel. In his complaint, Whitehouse calls the gala a “pay-for-play” event and urges the OSC to investigate.

OKGOP Chair Pam Pollard, however, disagreed with former Oklahoma AG, Scott Pruitt in an interview Thursday afternoon. Pollard said there were no laws violated and was confident an investigation would not be launched.

“We can't control who files, verbally accuses somebody of something, throws some words out somewhere,” Pollard said in an open room inside the OKGOP headquarters. “We can't stop who might file paperwork on something. We believe we know the rules. We know the laws and I believe in the rule of law.”

Pollard wouldn’t say who is going to replace Pruitt at the Gala, but said there are several people on a short list.

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